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Size Matters: Houses get smaller as prices soar

The average size of homes in England has plummeted by over 10 per cent in the past four decades.

Research from ElectricalDirect has discovered that in 1980, on average UK houses boasted 75 square metres of space. However, by 2020 the average house size fell to around 67 square metres.

Prices, of course, have rocketed over the same period.


Back in 1980, the average price for a house in England was £18,377, but in 2020 the average was £247,898.

The survey found that average property sizes did actually increase in some areas since 1989, notably in cities in the north of England - however, such rises were no more than three per cent.

The study looked at 293 cities across England.

The pandemic has heralded a so-called ‘race for space’ with a trend towards larger homes with outdoor space.

Two years ago a study undertaken by LABC Warranty showed new-build homes reduced by four square metres since 2010.

That study examined average property sizes across 20 leading cities in the UK. 

That survey also looked at a 40 year time window but only at new-builds - and it found their size decreased by an average 20 per cent.


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