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Five top portals to face Question Time with legendary agent Quirk

Representatives of Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, Boomin and OneDome portals are to be quizzed in an industry Question Time session next month.

Russell Quirk - founder of the original Emoov agency and now a Keller Williams agent and co-founder of property public relations firm Proper PR - will be the host of the live online event on the afternoon of September 23.

It will be a face to face event broadcast live on the Unissu PropTech platform and available to watch back thereafter.


Quirk says he hopes the event will be a frank and constructive exchange of views on what a portal really offers to agents and consumers, what the future holds for  portal innovation and technology, and where the portal/agent relationship will be in five years’ time.

“Senior representatives of each of the top five property portals have all been invited to this important event and most have confirmed their attendance. This will be no Punch and Judy show  but instead a reasoned debate amongst the sector’s main players to probe their business model, their success and their overall approach to property search. 


“We’ll ask how they think about agents and consumers and where the future lies for them and their stakeholders.

"We will be asking grown up questions, the type of questions that the estate agency industry would like clarification on and not least how the relationship between portals and agents is likely to develop in the coming years. Given the enormity of the portal space now, with its value at close to £10 billion, this is an opportunity for the property portals to sell themselves and to justify their propositions and indeed their value”.

There will be a live chat facility during the session for viewers to ask questions online, while anyone wanting to suggest questions in advance can email russell@ProperPR.co.uk.

You can sign up for the event here.

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    This sounds more like Russell Quirke tyring to promote himself and put himself forward as a 'player' in the industry, rather than any value for agents. He has no credibility. What is Unisu? Ive never heard of it. Must be why, is Russell being paid to promote it? Any of the portal bosses that sign up to anything to do with this need their heads testing. All he wants is to stir the pot for his own gain. Utter waste of time.


    Boomin one of the top 5??? Sorry but this has to be a joke right? I agree ref quirky.


    He wants to elevate himself to 'influencer' status. The whole 'guru' thing hasn't worked out for him.

  • James Dearsley

    Thought I would just comment here, having been a long term commentator here on EAT, and one of the Co-Founders of Unissu.

    Just to say, no one is being paid to do this.

    We have an events platform, built into the global Unissu platform (built to support the education of the real estate industry as it navigates the huge raft of technology suppliers out there), that is open to anyone who wants to create content.

    I personally think it promises to be a really interesting discussion and hopefully some transparency around attitudes from the industry veterans and challengers.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    I for one think this is fab. Whilst Rusty is industry marmite he knows his stuff and isn't afraid to give an opinion. This sounds like a pretty fascinating interview to- as long as the portals don't act like politicians and just reel off pre-approved sondbite answers.
    As for Unissu- I believe I'm right in saying it is the largest source of proptech company data out there. They have established a strong foothold in the commercial aspect (with plenty of resi in situ)- but are now clearly looking to strengthen the resi related content they produce and host.
    I'll have the popcorn ready for this one!

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    this event isn't worth watching unless Peter Brookes Johnson is there. If rightmove send anyone else it will speak volums. Can anyone at EAT or can Russell Quirk personally confirm if hes going to be there? Yes or no.No mention of any names in the article.Can we have clarification on this EAT?


    Not a prayer PBJ will be there.

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    LOL at the guy who calls HIMSELF an influencer for some reason PMSL


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