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EXCLUSIVE - Boomin reveals latest agent sign-up numbers

Boomin has revealed to Estate Agent Today the latest figures on agency branches signed up to its fledgling portal.

It says it now has 6,800 branches and an announcement is expected shortly to confirm it has exceeded 7,000 branches; Boomin believes it is in a position to drive that figure higher and achieve “a significant number of extra branches in a record time.”

Group chief executive Michael Bruce says: “In less than four months we’ve achieved more agents than any other portal has ever achieved in that period. Rightmove took over six years to get to the number of agents we’ve got, and OnTheMarket took over five and a half years, while Zoopla took a number of acquisitions to get there.”


He says he ultimately wants the largest number of branches possible - including corporates, who are currently absent - but he suggests that existing contracts and deals means Boomin has to be patient. 

On leads, he says Boomin will not quantify leads in the same way of existing portals.

“They count leads as any single contact, whatever the quality - that counts as a lead and an opportunity. Well we want to build more quality of engagement which means that agents can build longer-lasting relationships.” 

Bruce says: “If we copied how other portals distribute leads we could distribute a significant number [now, through its Secret Property feature, averaging six interests against each property] … but we don’t distribute them at all until agents are instructed … What we want to do is get quality leads that we can measure the performance of and measure the value of. They will grow over time.”

He says he has intentionally not taken portal down the direct marketing brand - that way, he says, stops a brand being ‘loved’. “Other brands in this sector are transactional brands - people don’t necessary dislike them but people don’t love them.”


Referring to the various tools and features on the portal, Bruce says: “Matchmaker’s had 6,000 adverts, thousands of Secret Properties … we’re building on that … We’ve got a ground breaking YouTube channel, with nothing like it in the property world. We’ve already overtaken Rightmove in terms of the number of subscribers after three months, gaining momentum with over 200,000 views."  

He continues: “We’ve got new retailers queuing up to appear on the Playground. We’ve recently added Farrow & Ball and B&Q.”

Bruce says that these figures - added to the many management appointments, including last week’s announcement regarding six estate agents on the portal’s strategic board - represent a highly successful beginning for Boomin.

“For a business which is a start up, very early in its evolution, it’s only four months old…the success we’ve had so far has been everything we’d hoped for.”

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    Momentum seems to be building for Boomin as a portal with a difference. Refreshing to hear that it values leads properly. Rightmove will be taking notice now and that’s good for all of us.

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    More gaslighting from the Bruce Brothers.

    EAT reported that Boomin launched with over 5k agents back in March this year so that means despite they've only actually managed to get 1800 agency branches onboard in 4 months. So it's a fabrication to say that Boomin have 'achieved' hugely in that period.

    Remember they've been pushing Boomin on our industry for over a year, so actually it's taken them a year to get to this point.The real news is that they still haven't published any visitor numbers to the website and no one I know has had a lead yet.

    Looking at the user numbers on their Instagram and Facebook the figures are woefull, despite spending millions on advertising. When's the IPO again?


    Not forgetting the biggest point of all - it's FREE to join at the moment.Suspect they've seriously under-estimated the amount of damage they did to the industry via PB and most agents will neither forgive nor forget.

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    As per usual a pile of hype and PR. We received an email from them boasting they had the largest number of site visitors of a newly launched portal. A friend who signed up to their site out of curiosity checked out their visitor stats on alexa dot com and here is what he shared with us.

    Visitors by Country in last 30 days
    🇺🇸 United States 71.4%
    🇮🇳 India 21.9%

    Engagement in Past 90 Days
    Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.6 - 73.6%
    Daily Time on Site 4:26 - 59%
    Bounce rate 56.0%

    Popular Articles (Top articles by total engagement amongst this site and its competitors - Based on articles from the past year, updated monthly)
    Boomin - Transforming the property market. For everyone. engagement: 133 shares: 55
    Founder Agents | - engagements: 15 shares: 4
    Boomin - Transforming the property market. For everyone. engagements: 15 shares: 4
    Boomin - Transforming the property market. For everyone. engagements: 13 shares: 3

    They are as per usual spinning out a pile of c**p in the hope of getting those idiot agents on board with FOMO.

    My friend has so far had no leads. Waste of time.

  • Hit Man

    All them branches and yet only 2 leads between them all, Very impressive, I cant believe there are so many brainwashed agents out there.

  • Barry Bishop

    Been on Boomin since the start and we have 3 offices. Despite going through the best market in years the total combined leads generated from Boomin still stand at zero..

    All good and well-having agents onboard but think they need to get some buyers and sellers to join in if they are going to be a success.

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    All this booming stuff is boring now


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