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Escape route for Purplebricks refugees who want to stay self-employed

Self-employed agents working for Purplebricks who want to resist the instruction to become fully employed are being wooed by a Midlands operation.

Yesterday Purplebricks announced that by September 1 it wanted to turn its 600 Local Property Experts from self-employed agents into fully employed ones - with chief executive Vic Darvey admitting there will be some resistance from agents who are likely to quit.

Now it appears there is an escape route.


“Come on over to me instead’ says James Forrester, managing director of Birmingham and Lichfield estate agency Barrows and Forrester.

Forrester continues: “The unsuspecting LPEs that have entrusted Purplebricks with their careers will be smarting this week at the changes that are being enforced and their implications.



“It’s quite the about-turn versus the enthusiasm that ‘Purplebricks 1.0’ had for the benefits of their listers not being formally employed. But regardless, I’m currently expanding my areas of representation further and further across the West Midlands.

“I’ll extend this offer to Purplebricks LPEs: If you currently work a West Midlands patch, come and talk to me. I’ll partner with you on a similar basis to PurpleBricks. No messing and in confidence.” 

And he concludes: “I won’t let you down as you just have been.”

If you missed yesterday's Purplebricks announcement you can see it here.

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    I have always felt that the LPE's work harder than many agents as they are both lister and agent - and are controlled by PB. So none of the benefits of being your own boss. And if you have carved out a great name in a local area, well time to put your own name over that virtual door, as 90% of the time a vendor instructs on the personality of the lister - yes reputation and strength of brand come into play, but LPE's have the core skill to list, and setting up your own business is all about inventory.

    adrian black

    I agree - but for the past few years they have been fed leads generated by a brand and high cost TV marketing and have had more incentive to list than list and sell. This has got some way to play out, and if they do jump ship they should look very closely at the business generation support and methods that their new platform offers and also the sales conversion tools.


    Rubbish - they do no sales chasing whatsoever which is a major part of the job.
    Negotiating a price is the easiest part of the job and takes minimal time. (if you know what you are doing)


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