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Lights! Camera! Estate Agent! - Oscar winner’s son joins hybrid

The son of an Oscar winner has been named as the latest estate agent working under the easyProperty banner.

Damian Wanstall is hoping to sprinkle some family stardust on his new business venture, after his father Norman won an Oscar for producing the special effects on the James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Wanstall, from Shoeburyness - who has won the personal endorsement of easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou - will be covering the Southend, Westcliff and Leigh-on-Sea areas, and says: “I spent 25 years in the rag trade, working with and supplying the big High Street stores like Primark, Sainsbury’s, Burtons, Matalan and Boohoo, but I had become disillusioned with the decline of the High Street, which has been accelerated by Covid-19, and felt the time was right to make a change.


“When the opportunity arose to join up with a growing business like easyProperty, I jumped at the chance. It really was a no-brainer for me as it is an easily recognisable brand with values that I hold dear.”

Wanstall is the latest easyProperty to come without agency experience. David Brierley, chief executive officer of the agency, says: “Damian is clearly a high-energy addition to the easyProperty ‘family’ and we are delighted to welcome him aboard.

“We now have an even stronger presence in Essex as well as in Berkshire, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Bolton, Kent, Shropshire, Glasgow, Slough, Teesside, Northumberland, Portsmouth and South Yorkshire.

“We aim to have 130 local partners in place within the first 12 months. They will have two or three territories each with individual territories comprising around 25,000 owner-occupiers.

“Through easyProperty we offer a brand that is both recognisable and trusted as well as technology that helps estate agents to do the job but doesn’t tell them how to do the job. It’s all aimed at allowing our partners all the independence and freedom they need to enable them to grow their businesses.”

Wanstall adds: “I want my customers to feel that I am on their side and to be able to help them every step of the way, at the same time relieving them of as much stress as possible. I want them to feel they can contact me at any time in the full knowledge that I have their best interests at heart.”

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou says: “When considering their next home move, buyers and sellers in Damian’s area of Essex need to be right on top of their neighbourhood property market. I believe that easyProperty offers that combination of local expertise and low-cost professionalism that takes the hassle and expense out of house moving.”

  • Algarve  Investor

    Good luck to him, but the cynical part of me says this smacks of yet another easyProperty PR stunt, following on from the guy with no property experience, and the cricketers, and the young agent who left Purplebricks.

    There is always some unique narrative behind it. I guess what I'd like to know is how easyProperty is doing when it comes to the bread and butter of selling and letting homes? It's been around for a fair old while now, but other than the odd story like this every so often, we never get any facts or figures or stats.

  • icon
    • S S
    • 09 July 2021 09:50 AM

    Yet another "No Experience", been working in clothing trade so the switch across to Estate Agency - Easy.
    Why is this Industry content to allow non-qualified, no experience people just set up shop. It demeans the professionalism that we strive so hard for, the investment we make in our employees to gain qualifications and knowledge.
    If any Tom, Dick or Harry can set up shop, the general public must ask "why do they charge so much to do the job, if anyone can do it!". This lack of barrier to entry does not do our profession any favours


    What qualifications do you get your staff to take?
    How many of your employees have ever failed to pass?
    What barriers would you like to see?
    Not trolling genuine question from someone who is a developer and uses agents regularly.

  • icon
    • N W
    • 09 July 2021 10:09 AM


    yet another person with no experience giving advice on someone's most valuable asset.... Unfortunately, however, the general public don't seem to ask what experience and qualifications an agent actually has, as the moment you are an estate agent they assume you come with a pedigree of experience.

    Until such time as the general public truly value the difference that can be made between an agent who knows what they are doing and one who quite clearly doesn't, then they will keep allowing such people into their homes.

    Yes we all have to start somewhere but allowing someone with no experience whatsoever to value and market homes form day one just sounds crazy to me.....

  • icon

    Fantastic article! So pleased to have you onboard Damian.

  • Mark Walmsley

    I’ve met dozens of experienced agents who are appalling and offer no care or attention as to what is best for the client at all.

    This is not 🚀 science.

    This business is people who want to sell a house, an agent promoting a house, an agent finding a buyer for a house, due diligence and correct advice (which can be learned you know) and good solicitors on board to see it through.

    • N W
    • 09 July 2021 12:31 PM

    That's a fair point - good and bad in every industry for sure. I have however almost never come across a new agent with no past experience who hasn't created issues for their clients (normally its their enthusiasm over riding actual common sense and knowing what really is the best advice for a client on more complicated sales not having actually had the experience to know how to overcome such issues) One recently left our village to go back to their original profession - everyone loved their enthusiasm but alas more often than not it lacked genuine substance other than a sales pitch


    Agreed with you totally - selling a house is not difficult

    • N W
    • 09 July 2021 13:49 PM

    Hi Jan

    No selling a property in todays market is not difficult but we are not always in this type of market. Having said that, just had a case where an agent was selling a property with 11 acres. we have just been asked to take the sale over, we are now selling it with 6 acres, kept the price the same so our clients have the remaining land as a bonus and had over 20 viewings and its going to sealed bids next week...... I think that makes a difference! (its called knowing your market and truly understanding what will work best for the client)

  • icon

    What an inspiring story. Great to see the Oscar magic.

    Perhaps he might have the golden touch like his Father and create his own special effect at easyProperty.

    Good luck Damian.


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