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Purplebricks to launch local marketing blitz after Olympics

Purplebricks is to launch an extensive marketing campaign after this summer’s Olympics to emphasise the local knowledge of its 600 agents ‘on the ground’.

Chief executive Vic Darvey has told Estate Agent Today that extensive research leading to the revised pricing strategy - unveiled last week - showed one of the perceived weaknesses of the brand was that it had insufficient local presence and expertise, because it lacked High Street premises.

“That’s the perception, although it’s not actually true. We have 600-plus Local Property Experts but we need to reassure customers and potential customers that those locals experts are exactly that - expert” he says.


Darvey states that the local marketing will take the form of local TV and radio advertisements emphasising the regions in which they are broadcast, naming key cities and territories where LPEs are based. 

There will be local marketing and sponsorship of events, and individual LPE names will come up in Google searches based on users’ locations, to make the local agents both recognisable and approachable.

Darvey’ s pro-local stance backs up statements earlier in the year by Purplebricks’ new chief marketing officer, Ben Carter, who announced that having established a strong brand at national level, the agency would tilt to emphasising its local qualities.

In March this year Carter told Estate Agent Today: “You’re going to see Purplebricks much more in local areas in future, we’re going to have more local visibility and a presence in the regional press, and we’re going to use the potential of online platforms to target local audiences as well.”

The agency’s new local campaign is to start after the conclusion of the Olympic Games, which run in Tokyo - under challenging Covid restrictions - between July 23 and August 8.

The agency has been heavily involved with marketing its Olympics sponsorship - it is the official estate agent of Team GB - and TV advertising to date has included past medallists Laura Kenny, Bianca Walkden, Dan Goodfellow and Moe Sbihi.

  • Chris Arnold

    THE END OF Advertising by Andrew Essex:
    "Young people, not to mention people of all ages, really really don't like being annoyed. And ads almost always were annoying. There is nothing beautiful, let alone useful, not to mention authentic about being distracted or annoyed by something you didn't choose to see. "

    That's why we have ad blockers, spam filters and fast-forward on remote. A quarter of the people advertisers are trying to reach are wilfully making themselves unreachable.

    And yet, despite the demise of other agencies such as EMoov that threw pots of other people's money at advertising that didn't work, some agencies are so blinkered that they are default dead.

    Advertising, especially advertising that has no meaningful message, will be the death of many agencies that can't think beyond brand awareness.


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