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Property Quango will pay £25k a year for maximum 36 days work

A property quango wants industry experts to join its board - and will pay £25,000 a year for what it calls “maximum three days a month.”

The quango is Homes England which has an overall responsibility for increasing the number of new homes that are built in England, including affordable homes and homes for market, sale or rent, as well as bringing empty homes back into use as affordable housing.

It says that following the appointment of new chief executive Peter Denton, it wants up to three non-executive directors.


“The positions come at a pivotal time, as the agency enters a new phase” acoording to the body.

Peter Freeman, chair, says: “As the country moves beyond its current challenges, Homes England’s role has never been so important.

“We are working closely with the government to be an even stronger institution that can galvanise a housing-led recovery, connecting other ambitious organisations and using our resources to work strategically across the country to create jobs, homes, and long-term partnerships in places. 

“Homes England’s Non-Executive Directors play a vital role in this, which is why we are looking for passionate, dynamic leaders to join us.”

Applications close on August 12.


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