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Boomin marketing campaign to emphasise new valuation tool for agents

Fledgling portal Boomin is launching what it claims to be the most interactive and accurate online valuation tool on the market. 

It will be free to all Boomin agents and go live for lettings and sales next month, and will form part of a marketing campaign to run from September.

Called SmartVal, it provides an online valuation for visitors to the site, and the portal says: “Our technology brings back the human expertise and insight that only an experienced estate agent can provide and that customers received in every instance prior to the launch of classified property portals.”


Visitors to the Boomin platform will be able to request a SmartVal with local agents who are online and available. 

Boomin says: “Agents will have a matter of minutes to accept the valuation request or lose out to the customer’s next choice. Supplied with information from the property owner, and supplemented with detailed market data, the selected agents will have all they need to provide a valuation within a fixed period of 15 minutes.”

Only once the valuation is submitted will the agent be given access to the contact details of the customer enabling follow-up contact.

Michael Bruce, chief executive and founder of Boomin, says: “Once again we are leading the way, providing our agent partners with new innovations that seek to draw more people into the property market, create new business opportunities for agents and provide them with a competitive advantage. 

“In the first of our new product launches, SmartVal combines data, speed and the expertise and insight from great local estate agents, to provide customers with the quickest, most accurate online sales and lettings valuation on the market.

“The technology has been designed in conjunction with agents, with agents at its heart. 

“The aim is to increase online valuation accuracy, whilst placing more agents in front of sellers and landlords and reducing the barriers that some customers, who are yet to decide whether to sell or let, may have in commissioning a full on face to face valuation at their property. 

“Everything we have created encourages sellers and landlords into the market and agents into the living room.”

Boomin adds that’s its member agents will be contacted by account managers with more information to ensure they are ready to participate from launch.

  • Chris Arnold

    "Once again, we are leading the way" with our confusion playbook that offers leads to the desperate agency. A matter of minutes to accept? Who do they think they are?

  • jeremy clarke

    Anyone had a lead yet?

  • Mark Walmsley

    “Called SmartVal, it provides an online valuation for visitors to the site”- but you have to use an agent -“matchmaker”for off market property leads - but you have to use an agent.

    The tools designed are clear. Surely this portal has an agenda that only the very short sighted cannot see.

    If the take up of agents and referral fees is not as hoped, could this be the big budget self listing platform of choice? I guess no one knows but there’s going to be at least a 5 year strategy here and it will certainly be an adaptable and adjustable one. Maybe I’m just full of it…..

  • icon

    Booming Will be selling directly within 5 years

  • icon

    Can't believe anyone would entertain these cowboys, it's just another website! what is the objective of this WEBSITE?, to make money out of stupid agents?

  • Algarve  Investor

    Would be interesting to know how Boomin are doing on brand recognition, three or four months after launching. Purplebricks managed it very well among the general public - if you ask non-property people, they know what PB is - but anyone I've spoken to has no idea what Boomin is, despite those annoying, Brian-Cox narrated ads.

    There is an argument that Boomin has made Rightmove, Zoopla and OTM stronger, just as OTM made Rightmove and eventually Zoopla much stronger before it.

    I'm just not sure what Boomin's ultimate goal or vision is. The website is much the same as all the other portals.

  • icon

    Wolves in sheeps clothing!


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