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Agents’ commission income rises up to 10% claims website

Estate agency comparison website GetAgent has calculated the typical fees charged to vendors in different parts of the country.

It says agents charge an average 1.48 per cent commission now - slightly down on the 1.5 per cent of a year ago.

A year ago this 1.5 per cent equated to a fee of £3,591, however, since then house prices have climbed across Britain, meaning the current fee of 1.48 per cent equates to £3,755 in today’s market - following a year of average house price rises. 


Agents in the North East have seen the biggest increase in earnings, with the average fee now £2,146 having increased by 9.5 per cent from £1,960 in the last year. 

In Wales, the average take-home fee has increased by 7.5 per cent with the East of England (6.1 per cent) and East Midlands (5.1 per cent) also seeing an increase of more than five per cent.

The East of England has seen the biggest uplift in terms of the actual increase per transaction. A year ago, the average agent made £4,410 per transaction on average. Today this has increased to £4,678, an increase of £268 per property sold.

The London market has struggled to keep pace with the rest where the current house price boom is concerned and this is reflected in the average earnings on London estate agents.

A year ago, the average London agent charged 1.74 per cent and took home £8,401 per property. Today this average fee has climbed by just 1.8 per cent to £8,555 per transaction. 

This is the lowest increase of all regions although it remains the highest monetary fee by far.


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