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Purplebricks launches ambitious new pricing strategy (sort of…)

You can’t blame agents for trying to get the highest possible price for their vendor’s property, but Purplebricks probably wins the prize for pushing the envelope the most.

A four bedroom terraced house in Aylesbury should be around the £375,000 mark according to most comparables, but let’s give it a try at …. £70m!

That asking price, on Rightmove, is a fair chunk more than the next highest priced property  - a 12 bedroom townhouse in prime central London, coming in at £54.5m. 


Perhaps Aylesbury has changed a lot during lockdown and now rivals PCL - or maybe it’s just a slip of the price fingers by the local property expert. 

Either way, if you want to buy, check your budget first. The monthly mortgage repayments would be £280,000 and the automatic calculator suggests “lenders may expect more than a 10 per cent deposit at this time.”

Purplebricks launches ambitious new pricing strategy (sort of…)

  • Mark Walmsley

    Oops. Not really worth an article to be fair though. A bit subjective me thinks.

  • icon

    Gave me a laugh - need that, at their expense!

  • icon

    Slow news day or what?

  • Paul Singleton

    Well, if you get paid to list and don’t care afterwards why not?


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