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Agency says branches are old hat and sets 30 day target to sell homes

A new estate agency says it aims to sell homes within 30 days - and dismisses the idea of a traditional High Street branch.

Frank Modern, which has just opened in Peterborough, is run by husband and wife team Michael and Morgan Parry; it does work from an office building but has no High Street branch. 

Michael Morgan says: “Frank Modern’s mission is simple – provide warm and professional service, as you’d expect from a family business, while using the power of technology alongside modern strategies to get your house sold as soon as possible (our aim is within 30 days) for the best possible price.”


He is sharply critical of the traditional way of selling homes, stating: “Estate agency is changing rapidly and the typical high street agent is on the decline. Removing the cost of high street rent means we can spend more on marketing clients’ properties, reaching a wide audience while offering customers real value for money.”

Co-founder Morgan Parry says: “We wanted to do things differently from other agents. As well as our expertise in the industry, with over 3,000 property sales between us, we have in-depth knowledge of this area, having both been brought up locally.

“As a family business, our service really has a personal feel. We are there for our customers throughout the often stressful house buying or selling process, from first viewings until they pick up the keys on completion day.”

The couple explain that the concept behind Frank Modern “combines cutting-edge technology with a people-focused service” and customers have access to a range of digital house-selling methods through what the company calls “a ground-breaking customer portal, which ensures sellers capitalise on every enquiry that comes in.”

You can see the agency’s website here.

  • Paul Singleton


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  • The  Duchess

    sorry someone say something .....

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    heard it all a million times

  • Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

    I'd be impressed if any agent was offering to get a vendor legally prepared in 30 days. complete protocol forms, searches and conveyancer instructed. If the property then sells, contracts go straight out with searches contained and all the buyer needs is to check title and have finance available.
    Speed up transactions by 6-12 weeks.
    All very well everyone saying they've heard it a million times and ZZZZ and Yawn, but what are you all doing about differentiating yourselves and making the client experience better whilst speeding up your pipelines to bank money quicker? Very little I'd imagine.
    If you want to do something that really makes a difference, get in touch as we offer estate agents free solutions, and your clients cost neutral solutions. We can even monetise Searches for you if speeding up your pipeline and reducing fall-throughs is not enough for you.


    Please stop advertising your company all the time, it is monotonous. There is no need to make rude comments to someone who you do not know and have never met when you know nothing at all about them or their business.
    It is infantile trolling.
    I am a house developer. Searches do not slow down our transactions. We differentiate ourselves by building a very high spec house akin to Berkeley Homes standard.
    We ask our buyers to use our recommended sols who are on the case and with whom we meet prior to launch and show around the site. That takes a day as a rule.
    Last year 92% of our transactions that were not using Help to Buy exchanged within the 28 day exchange that we expect.
    H2B slows the process down - now that is is 437.600 in the Home Counties that eliminated that issue.
    Most delays we have are caused when a buyer does not use our recommended sols and they are low to raise enquiries or just slow generally.
    The fact is if I had £1 for every time I have heard someone "we are going to do house sales differently" I would be billionaire.

  • Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

    Hi Jan,
    I made no derisory comment at all. Please re-read what I actually stated. You will find that all comments above mine were digging holes in the article (yours included).... I was not.

    Given that we do see massive delays due to searches being ordered on average 6-8 weeks in to a transaction (not a new build perhaps) I will keep banging the drum until the property industry decides to wake up and improve upon its service levels to clients.

    We have many clients every day coming direct to us asking us how we can help them to speed up their sales who are confused as to why their estate agents are not offering them the same help.
    If you are involved in a chain, surely you too would wish to see ALL transactions move quicker?

    This is an Estate Agent community and most comments are made by estate agents. That is to whom I am trying to get a message across to. IF my comments have no relevance to you, fantastic, you are very welcome to ignore them.
    I would guess that your preferred solicitors are on the ball and appreciate the need to get searches ordered. The delays that you will be seeing with your non preferred solicitors is likely to be as a result of orders not being placed soon enough. This is why we are firmly placing the ordering process in the hands of the home mover themselves. How is that not a good thing? No solicitor has to wait for instructions, AML, taking of funds etc. There is no quicker way to get a search order placed, unless you know something I don't?


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