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Agents caught on camera - they call vendor’s house “disgusting”

An estate agency has apologised unreservedly for “most regrettable” comments made by two members of staff who described a vendor’s property as “disgusting.”

The Daily Mail has run a story saying that a home security camera in a room in the property at Ramsgate, Kent, caught the two agents - from Wards - criticising the family’s living arrangements and questioning how many people slept in the same room. 

One of the agents is reported to have said about the property: “You might as well knock it down."


The vendor tells the newspaper: “I was disgusted, I just felt so low and worthless. I just didn't expect anything like that … One of them said our house was disgusting. They felt the need to have a conversation about my family slagging us off in our home when they thought we weren't looking. We trusted them with our home and they disrespected us.”

The newspaper quotes David Lench, group managing director of Wards’ agency owner Arun Estates, saying: “Since learning about this most regrettable incident at the weekend, Wards have been in close contact with the client and her sister who instructed Wards to market the property.

“We have apologised unreservedly for the inappropriate and unprofessional discussion that took place between two staff members at the property on Saturday.

“Both staff members are extremely sorry for the upset they have caused and are highly embarrassed by their conduct.

“Wards rigorously trains its staff to treat customers fairly and with respect at all times. We are disappointed that the behaviour of these staff members falls far below the standards for which Wards are known.”

He continues: “This is most regrettable as we have never previously experienced an incident of this kind and both staff members have had an unblemished record prior to this happening.

“Nevertheless, we completely agree with the client that this conversation should never have happened and fully appreciate the distress it has caused.

“We are taking the matter very seriously and will continue to work closely with the family to do everything possible to make amends. We will also be following our internal procedures with the staff involved and taking appropriate action.”

The Mail says the vendor has now dis-instructed Wards.

You can see the story here.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Oh dear. Bit Big Brothery that they were being filmed, with audio too, while in the house, but still a disastrous PR moment for a brand that I understand is pretty well-respected and liked in those parts.

    Maybe a better course of action would have been more upfront with the vendor in saying that this home needs to be improved and tidied up to get sold, rather than slagging off the home behind their back in a very unprofessional manner.

    Sometimes a bit of honesty is needed, rather than the usual agent spiel when they think something else entirely.


    Errrr ... what if the place really WAS disgusting?

  • Vilesh Rew

    Always presume there is a camera pointing at you when you're in a client's home. It's the only way to be certain.


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