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Why is the launch of Lifesycle 2 so important for the industry?

It seems like a week does not go by without a new ‘gamechanging’ piece of technology being announced to the industry.

2020 not only saw deserted streets and people scared to leave their homes, it also saw the property industry embrace technology like never before. Virtual viewings and valuations became a thing for the very first time and many of us found that technology such as Zoom was not so scary after all.

This month sees the launch of another platform claiming greatness, but why so much hype about Iceberg Digital’s Lifesycle 2? Is there anything for agents to be excited about, or is it full of solutions to problems that no one needs solving?


To answer this question, we need to find out the problems Lifesycle 2 is looking to solve and the thoughts of those currently using the Lifesycle 1 platform.

When asked what is Lifesycle 2, CEO of Iceberg Digital Mark Burgess tells us: “Agents should not think of Lifesycle 2 as a stand-alone product from Lifesycle 1. It is just an evolution of features and functions of our Estate Agency Software, in much the same way as the difference between an iPhone 11 and 12.”

“The concept behind Lifesycle is to give agents one centralised platform that covers everything they do from marketing to listings and leads, right through to completing deals. By doing this, it allows agents to work smarter.”

“However, we cannot build everything we or agents may think of in one go and so therefore we try to bring as much value to each version of Lifesycle as we build. Lifesycle 1 was all about getting a grip of your marketing and actually winning business the smart way. Now, Lifesycle 2 brings the transaction side of things to the party, allowing agents to perform some of the more everyday tasks they are used to such as registering applicants and advertising properties, matching, viewings etc, but in a much smarter way.”

While this does sound impressive, if what Burgess is saying is correct then agents using Lifesycle 1 should already be seeing this ‘value’.

From speaking to users, it appears agents are very keen to talk about the virtues of Lifesycle. Numerous agents and industry spokespeople have also taken to social media to talk about the first version of the product as seen in the video below:

If Burgess and Iceberg Digital can pull off what they are proposing with Lifesycle 2 and unveil a platform that does truly provide agents with one centralised platform to both generate new business and fulfil the functions of their everyday work, the launch event of Lifesycle 2 on February 24 2021 might just be a pivotal moment in our industry.

You can register for the launch event here and see the Lifesycle 2 Launch Trailer below:

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