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All agents should be offered flexible working from Day One - call

Estate agents, and indeed all professionals, should be offered the option of flexible working when they are appointed to the job.

That’s the view of the Law Society of England and Wales in its response to a consultation from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Since 2014, all employees have had the right to request a flexible working arrangement – covering work location, working hours and work pattern – but only after being in their role for 26 weeks.


“Giving employees the right to request flexible working from day one of a new job is a positive development, but the government can do more” says Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce.

“They should extend this right to the time someone is offered a position. This would encourage employers and employees to have these conversations when the terms of employment are being negotiated and there is more room for both parties to identify solutions. 

“Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been required to work flexibly and have demonstrated the ability to do so successfully.

“Employees may need to work flexibly for many different reasons and should feel confident to make such requests from the moment an employer asks them to work for them.

“If flexibility is an important factor in deciding whether to accept a new role the prospective employee should feel comfortable about raising ths before they have to resign from their current position.”

The Law Society agrees with the consultation suggestion that employers should be required to show that they have considered alternative working arrangements when rejecting a statutory request for flexible working.

“Considering alternatives and having a dialogue with the employee should be key components of properly considering a flexible working request,” adds Boyce.

“If a flexible working request is denied workers may be able to make an employment tribunal claim. However, the backlog in the employment tribunals mean they may face long delays in having their claim heard, which is likely to have a negative impact on both parties. Investment is needed to ensure timely access to justice for all.”

In the past two years there appears to have been a dramatic switch in working practices in some smaller agencies in particular, to encourage more self-employed and flexible operations to save employer costs and engender a better work-life balance for individuals.

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    Ironic!!! Maybe the Law society should offer the same.

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    “Employees may need to work flexibly for many different reasons and should feel confident to make such requests from the moment an employer asks them to work for them.

    I am not interested in the many different reasons.
    I will not offer that in my company is just does not work for me for many different reasons.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Eminently sensible, in my view.


    Do it in your business then I will not be

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    I think we know what the public think of an empty shop with a note saying we're working from home - probably much the same as we think about all the public bodies who answer the phone with a message saying how busy they are and please go to the website to find an answer to your query!


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