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Boomin publishes figures - but only about what children like

Fledgling portal Boomin has published figures - but not the long-awaited ones about its users or agents.  

Instead, it’s released data following its use of eye-tracking technology to try to establish what children value most in properties.

The study is small - just 46 children aged between eight and 15 - and was to promote the Playground facility on the Boomin website. 


Using eye-tracking software the total number of times the children looked at different elements of the room such as windows, the floors, beds or sofas was recorded. 

‘Fixation ranking’ for each room was determined by the number of total views for each of the elements of the room. The average amount of time the participants looked at the area of the room was also recorded to help rank the elements of the room.  

By far the item that holds a child’s attention the most inside a house, is the sofa. Sofas in images within the study were looked at over 700 times, more than 200 times more than the shower, which ranked as the second most valued feature in the home for the children.

In other rooms, the eye-tracking analysis also revealed that bright, patterned tiles in a bathroom get a child’s seal of approval, while kitchen islands captured the gaze of the participants of the study, over anything else in the kitchen.

Boomin also analysed reactions to various bedroom layouts: beds captured the most attention with more ‘standard’ beds were found to have greater appeal than bunks. 

The portal founder Michael Bruce says: “As the study shows, it’s clear that children pay more attention to the little things around the home than we maybe give them credit for. 

“It’s encouraging to see that even in 2021, more ‘homely’ elements like the comfort of the sofa, the call of the dining table and the connection to nature are more appealing than big screens and toys.

“Whether people are looking for ideas to breathe more life into a kid's bedroom, or make their house more inviting to every member of a family for when it hits the market, we hope our findings have helped.”

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    Give. Me. Strength.

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    • N W
    • 08 November 2021 09:50 AM

    sounds like they are up against it.... hopefully not long now before those supporting it realise its a trojan horse.....

  • Howard Star

    What a load of old codswallop

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    Well I needed a larf to start the day!


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