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Recruitment crisis as agents move to better paid jobs

A recruitment expert says the estate agency industry has joined those sectors suffering from a shortage of staff.

And in the case of our industry, it’s because agents have quit to move to better paid jobs, either elsewhere in the property business or in other sectors of the economy.

That’s the view of agency recruitment consultant Josh Rayner - he says the industry is “the busiest I’ve ever known in my 17 years in the sector.”   


The number of available positions in our industry is now 82 per cent more than a year ago, he says.

Rayner is now operating not just with potential staff for agencies but also with what he calls “associate agents” - operators he likens to those working for hybrid firms, on a non-fully employed staff basis.

“Demand from estate agency companies to replace and to expand is at boiling point’ says Rayner. 



“And as agents themselves catch on to the fact that there are more roles than candidates right now, they know that they have choice and power in the recruitment market. If I had 20 more associates working with me currently it still wouldn’t be enough and suffice to say that enterprising recruiters that are prepared to back themselves as franchisees are doing very, very well indeed financially” he claims.

Rayner also estimates that around one third of estate agency jobs never see the light of a job board or a recruitment website. These are ‘off-market’ positions that are often exclusive to one recruitment agency and procured on a discreet basis.

Job vacancies in the wider economy now sit at a record 1,034,000 according to government figures, some 249,000 higher than before the pandemic. 

  • Roger  Mellie

    So what's this guy saying? It sounds like he's just polishing his balls rather than telling us all what we already know. Vacancies are up, quality of applicants is down as are applications. Thanks Covid. Thanks Brexit.

    Glenn Taylor

    That is all anyone ever does on this site.
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