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MPs to debate Stamp Duty Holiday extension - date announced

It's been announced that MPs will after all debate the Stamp Duty Holiday extension following a hugely popular online petition.

The 90-minute debate is to be on February 1 - that's next Monday. It will be at 4.30pm and Elliot Colburn MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, will lead the session.

Jesse Norman MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, will respond for the government.


The debate has been triggered by the online petition calling for a six month extension beyond March 31; there are around 126,000 signatures backing the call.

There had been fears that the debate was not going to take place following the decision by Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees Mogg to suspend the use of Westminster Hall for safety reasons during the latest phase of the pandemic - previously this was the venue for such debates.

You can see the petition for yourself here.

A second online petition - relating to artists being able to perform visa-free in the EU - will be held the following Monday, February 8.

Catherine McKinnell MP, Chair of the Commons Petitions Committee, says: “I’m delighted we have been able to schedule two e-petition sessions, where Members from across the House, including those self-isolating and shielding, will be able to scrutinise the Government directly on issues raised by petitioners. 

“As was the case when Westminster Hall was closed due to Covid-19 last year, we have had to innovate to find ways to hold the Government to account, and crucially to voice the concerns of petitioners in the House of Commons, while our usual debates cannot be held.

“As these petitions demonstrate, there are important issues affecting hundreds of thousands of people that are being missed. Their calls for help and support must be heard.”

  • Algarve  Investor

    Interesting. With the growing pressure on the government, it seems almost certain they will announce some sort of extension or tapering off. At the very least, it seems likely they will say to everyone who is in the process of completing their transaction before the deadline hits that they can still benefit if they don't complete on time. That would seem sensible.

    I've never known pressure placed on the government to such an extent from all sides - ordinary buyers and sellers, agents, lenders, conveyancers, surveyors, MPs, etc - so it would be remarkable if they didn't take heed. Expect an announcement from Sunak on March 3.

  • Vilesh Rew

    A more gradual reintroduction of the SDLT would also seem like a wise option. At the moment we are facing a potential sheer drop in market activity, and lots of aborted sales. If there was a 3 month gradual reintroduction where first moth buyers paid 1/4 of the tax, 2nd moth 1/2 the tax, and then month 3 3/4s of the tax (and obvs full tax from then on) it would soften the blow at a time when continued lockdown and redundancies now, and on the horizon, may already start to weaken the housing market. Just a thought.

    Algarve  Investor

    Much too sensible, Vilesh. It will never catch on.


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