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New PropTech product nurtures leads for agents - even as they sleep

A new PropTech product claims to help agents generate and nurture leads - even while they sleep.

MovePal generates leads through Facebook ads, agents’ databases, portals and other sources, and then nurtures those leads to keep an agent and its brand at the front of the prospect’s mind.

The new product - which joins ValPal, PortalPal and ChatPal in the Network’s suite of services for agents - aims to zone in on 'hot' leads for agents so they do not have to expend time and effort chasing after leads that come to nothing.


At the same time, a streamlined, all-in-one package is provided to enable agents not only to generate leads, but to nurture and convert them as well.

The software is designed to target and engage with prospects when they are ready to talk, increasing an agent’s chances of converting into a market appraisal or instruction.

The creators say that with Coronavirus stretching agents’ resources, this product means they have to spend less time spent chasing leads and business, freeing up more time to carry out market appraisals, valuations and viewings.

MovePal, by combining lead generation with automated lead nurturing, offers an ideal solution for agencies wishing to automate the responsibility of lead generation, nurturing and conversion, leaving your agents to deal with hot prospects when they are ready to speak to you” according to Nat Daniels, founder and CEO of Angels Media, the company behind the product, and the company which publishes Estate Agent Today.

“Even better, MovePal identifies these for you, so cold-calls and hopeful pitches are not required. It’s more targeted, tailored, specific, which all saves time.”

Daniels says MovePal can best be described as a “personalised but automated two-way communication platform” using email, SMS and voice drops to keep an agent’s brand in front of all of its data. 

Included alongside this is a range of long- and short-term nurture campaigns.

Research by The ValPal Network - another Angels Media product - suggests that 18 per cent of all those using instant online valuations go on to sell their property, accounting for nearly one in every five leads.

“Agents basically have an issue if they have too little traffic, but they also have a problem if there is too much traffic, because there are too many potential leads to sift through. You want to identify and target the hottest leads, which are the most likely to convert into business” according to Daniels.

MovePal triggers digital marketing for new leads using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, the agent’s own database, and inbound leads from the major portals.


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