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New online agency launches with fees from £249

A new agency called Eazy Agent has launched - it’s another online operation, this time with a starting price of £249.

For that sellers get a listing on each of the three top portals, a memorandum of sale, floor plan and other services described by the agency itself as “creative ad copy, vetting of all prospective viewers and professional negotiation service.”

It uses a 30 day rolling contract which can be cancelled without an exit fee.


Additional costs are levied for an advertising board, accompanied viewings, an EPC and what the agency calls “a marketing booster” and “completion management”.

Lee Farrell - one of the founders of the Leeds-based agency, interviewed by the Yorkshire Post - says his objective is to make house selling “affordable for everybody.”

More expensive options for sellers include an all-embracing fee of £1,749 which covers the sale, conveyancing and removals. 

The company says this latter option is unprecedented in the UK “because it not only includes your legal fees but also your conveyancing fees, premium listings on all major property portals, photographs of your property taken by the Property Photographer of the Year, help with the cost of your removals, a box of essentials on moving day and we even provide a professional dog sitter on the day if required.”

The agency’s publicity material follows a familiar online theme, saying: “In the past, people have been very limited when it comes to selling their house. Then the internet revolutionised the whole process, this handed more power to you, the seller. Selling your home online is so much easier and massively more cost-effective. An Online Agent does everything your average  High Street Agent does but without all the overheads so costs are kept to a minimum, and the savings are passed to the customer.”


“We’re really proactive in what we do” the Yorkshire Post is told by Farrell, who set up the agency with colleague Stuart Busuttil.

“Me and Stuart are both salesmen. We’re not sitting around waiting for calls. We believe things can be done differently and better. We couldn’t meet up [during lockdown, when the preparation for the new agency was undertaken] so everything was done over the phone via Skype … Google and YouTube became our gurus.” 

When we checked last evening, the agency had six residential properties for sale.

You can see the new agency’s website here.

  • jeremy clarke


  • jeremy clarke

    Just did their online valuation tool which returned a max value on our flat of £176,795!! 2 local agents last week valued it at £350 - £365,000 but hey you could save a couple of thousand quid in fees whilst losing £175,000 on the sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • icon

    Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon with online estate agency rubbish.

  • icon

    That website!!!! 6 properties featured, 3 Sold STC & 3 Under Offer.


    so what it has just started

  • icon
    • 18 August 2020 18:28 PM

    Err! Why pay to list when
    free.co.uk DON'T charge to list on 5 major websites!?
    Plus they provide floorplan and photos for FREE!!
    No other fees if you wish to sell yourself

    Colin Bain

    Think you need to improve your marketing. Taking a picture of a picture and putting it on Rightmove ?????????


    Ah yes, the site that currently says 'under maintenance until 6pm today'

  • Colin Bain

    Bring on the lawsuit from Easy Property !!!!!!!!!

  • icon
    • 18 August 2020 21:56 PM

    I believe that somehow EA need to make their offer so compelling that it prevents LL like me from listing for free with free.co.uk and selling the property myself.

    My free listing with photos is now listed on RM at NO expense to myself.
    This is something I have been seeking for the past 10 years.
    It has now arrived for little old me.
    Free listing etc on RM!!

    So I have bypassed the EA.

    Why would I bother using an EA!?

    It is now possible for free for a private citizen to list on the major web portals.

    How will EA persuade Joe Public to use their expensive services rather than just do it themselves.
    A listing on RM us all that is required.

    Something that would persuade me to use an EA rather than list for free myself is if an EA guaranteed a certain price point.
    Anything less then no commission no fees etc for the vendor.

    EA have to convince me they could achieve a better sale price than me.
    They need to put their neck on the block to convince me.
    If not I list myself for free and see what happens-!

  • Mark Walmsley

    Paul! I wonder how many others think like you! If you are part of a community of like minded thinkers we’re in trouble! 😂

    • 19 August 2020 14:49 PM

    I wouldn't say so as EA could make a case for marketing their expertise.

    But for that to occur EA will have to start offering guaranteed prices with of course the usual commission being paid.

    If not then why would a vendor not list themselves for free with free.co.uk!!

    And yes if others become aware of the free.co.uk offer then you are in big trouble.

    The only reason you have been used thus far is it has been the only way for a private citizen to list on the major web portals.
    Now no longer the case.

    So why wouldn't a vendor use the free facility rather than the standard EA business model!!

    I would say EA have a lot to worry about with the free.co.uk offer.
    They have only just started their offer.
    Believe me when others start realising they can list for free on major web portals it will be game over for EA in their present format.

    It has only been the inability to list that has driven private vendors to EA.

    Now no longer the case.
    The free.co.uk offer should be a major industry disruptor.

    The only downside of this is that RM etc might object to EA leaving them as private listing via free.co.uk continues.
    They might ban free.co.uk from listing!


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