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Boomin is only new portal that can rival Rightmove - top agent

One of the most experienced British estate agents says the new portal Boomin - expected to launch next month, October - is “the industry’s only chance to beat Rightmove”.

The agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Estate Agent Today over the weekend that he had been shown an advance version of the Boomin portal, created by Purplebricks founders Michael and Kenny Bruce.

Many senior agents are believed to have signed non-disclosure agreements after seeing previews, and have indicated support for the portal. 


“Forget the other emerging portals. They might be led by well-meaning people who genuinely are on the agents’ side but Boomin will have the serious funding” says the top agent.

“None of the other emerging portals have any significant marketing proposals - outside of the agency industry nobody’s heard of them. Boomin has wads of cash and so will get eyeballs on the properties and therefore leads. It’ll work” claims the agent.

Last week the Say No To Rightmove campaign, led by the multi-branch Acorn Group, gave a strong indication that it was an early signatory to Boomin.

An SNTR statement says: “It appears they are wedded to a concept that is focused on Boomin being the professional full service estate agent’s friend, delivering a raft of technology that will create new transactions and offer agents additional income.

“Thus far, we are also aware that they have had engagement with a number of the country’s leading agents and have had an overwhelmingly positive response.

“It is, however, for [Michael and Kenny Bruce] to fully unveil their project and convince the industry of their sincerity. From what we have seen and the people we have met, it would appear they have genuine intentions to make a positive difference.”

Six weeks ago Birmingham-based Boomin released not only its brand name but also names of key staff, including a former Purplebricks executive; more senior figures are scheduled to be named in the coming month.

  • John Evans

    I've got amazing news but I can't share it

  • icon

    Why all the secrecy? It's a website that will display property, like 100s of others.

    I can already envision the marketing claims by agents now; 'we're on all FOUR of the portals that promote themselves on TV/radio, why settle for less'. Utter madness.

  • Anthony Alex

    I can't imagine any new 'angles' and the name is an instant put-off. Can only assume that they have a proper name in the background, as - guess what? - the market isn't always boomin'.

    Algarve  Investor

    It really is a terrible name on so many levels.

  • Colin Bain

    Mind you they have plenty of cash to bankroll it. BUT you all Hate Rightmove so why all the negativity ??

  • icon

    The agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, of course. Probably written by Michael himself. This is the 'portal' that has managed to secure zero data sharing agreements with any of the big CRMs suppliers according to boominsucks dot com from what I have read. The only thing powering Boomin is egos, it certainly isn't data or brains.


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