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Another self-employed agency model boasts of 100 new recruits

The battle between rival self-employed agent business models continues apace with eXp UK - set up last autumn - announcing it now has 100 people operating in the UK.

Yesterday a Keller Williams UK market centre issued a statement saying it had 50 self-employed agents; now it’s the turn of eXp to publicise its rapid growth and new recruits.

eXp UK is an agency brand with roots in the US but is an independent operation in the United Kingdom led by Adam Day, a veteran of three online estate agencies. 


“We’re really pleased that so many brilliant and experienced agents are seeing the value in the proposition” says Day. 

“Our official launch was in November 2019 and we’ve attracted 100 agents since that time. We challenged ourselves to find the most experienced agents to join the business, and despite the current economic challenges, we have built a fantastic team of truly excellent estate agents. With this high calibre group, I know we’ll continue to grow our brand bigger and stronger.”

The statement from eXp says it is “building on a reputation of revenue sharing and ownership, the brand is taking hold across the globe.”

eXp launched in Australia shortly after the UK, and recently announced it would be entering five new markets - France, India, Mexico, Portugal and South Africa - later this year.

“The goal is for eXp agents to be paid well enough to only have to deal with just a handful of clients at any one time” continues Day.

“We want all clients to receive personal service, tailored to their needs. We will continue to grow our estate agents in the UK and we will be the envy of the worldwide expansion.”  

Under the eXp UK model estate agents can earn a minimum 70 per cent of the fee they generate, obtain what the firm calls “generous marketing assistance”, participate in numerous training programmes and receive “robust onboarding support.”

  • Graham Davidson

    Someone needs to crack on with updating their website then because that shows 53 profiles including everyone.

  • jeremy clarke

    IMHO it doesn't matter how good you are as an agent, the public recognise brands and when buyers are faced with a Rightmove page with 400 properties from all over the country where do they start? If it works, it will be a very slow burn!

  • icon

    They'd probably list & sell more houses if they weren't on LinkedIn all the time telling everyone how wonderful self-employment is (even though they've only been at it weeks).


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