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Streamlined completions promised by latest PropTech platform

Another new PropTech platform claims it can streamline the completion process - this time by coordinating the work of estate agents and legal teams.

WeComplete says its SaaS platform boasts unique software to include new business generation, quoting, client onboarding, anti-money laundering checks, proof of funds, lender integration, property searches, queries, certificates, forms, document filing, e-signature, payment collection, invoicing “and all communications between all parties.”

It also says that in “encourages agents to continue to play an active part of the property completion by uploading the property details, EPCs and aiding in communication throughout the case.”


“Despite a number of attempts to modernise the process, property purchases are still frequently subject to lengthy delays. Extraordinarily, this is often caused by parties corresponding by snail mail or waiting for people to meet face-to-face” claims Daniel Bell, a director of the firm.

“This is because the completion process is inherently complex, particularly when long chains are involved, which has made it extremely difficult to develop a solution that works for any transaction.

He says his platform is available in a white label format and allows communications via a client app, instant messaging and audio and video conferencing.

Clients receive automated notifications to their mobile or via email.

The service is likely to be up and running in the autumn.

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    We get to see over 40 proptech companies a month, across the spectrums and verticals, Geo-spatial to BIM, Digital twin, AI ML, you name it we have seen it and often know a great deal more about it, both because we have 85 years of real estate knowledge in the team and several years of proptech and deep tech knowledge.

    WeComplete is a new name to us, but what is encouraging is that many are looking to speed the selling and the exchange/completion process, there are many distinguished people on the case from Stuart Young Etive through to elen different teams I know working on solutions up and down the the UK and a few in the US and Australia.

    Automation of the conveyancing process, or large chunks of it is coming, so too is this going to happen in house purchase finance.

    With KNC - Ai is going to be taking this to a whole new level. If you want to know more about where the real estate and proptech worlds meet and are going contact us at Protech-PR, we are always giving sound advice, to startups in tech or agency, investors, academics or analysts writing whitepapers, even journalists who want to be in the know and especially CEO's wanting to de-risk and future-proof their businesses, either in tech land or real estate country. andrew.stanton@proptech-pr.com 07535 029676.


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