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Ex-Countrywide chief joins mentor team at Agents Together

Industry veteran Harry Hill, a former chairman of Countrywide and founder of Rightmove, has now become a mentor at the new Agents Together foundation.

Hill joins existing mentors including Purplebricks founders Michael and Kenny Bruce in offering free advice to estate agents who use the new foundation.

Hill’s arrival was announced in an interview with Estate Agent Today by foundation chief executive Sarah Edmundson, co-director of All Stars agency training service. 


Other mentors include training and compliance expert Mike Day of Integra Property Services, trainer Stephen Brown of the SJB Consultancy, and Christopher Watkin, the former agent and now consultant who is well-known for video interviews with industry figures; these have provided their input free of charge.

Edmundson - speaking with Chris Buckler, an operating partner at Keller Williams UK’s agency at Tower Bridge in London - says there are now over 90 agents who have taken advantage of the mentoring process offered by the foundation.

She says one of the objectives of Agents Together is to offer a place for agents “to work on their minds” which she regards as important at any time and particularly now with the unknown challenges caused by Coronavirus.

Edmundson tells Buckler that she believes the mentoring service means “maybe someone who can’t afford the services of someone like myself or Mike Day or Stephen Brown, but who still needs those services and still want it, can get it.”

Other services to agents offered by the free-to-use foundation include a speed mentoring series, a series of videos called Winning Ways “led by thought leaders from the industry and beyond”, and an information hub and videos aimed at promoting mental and physical wellbeing.   

You can see the interview with Sarah Edmundson below.

  • Mike Riley

    This is part of a sales funnel for something else.

    When something is offered for free, you are the product.


    Or could it be people who just want to help a fellow human being? As Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

    Could it be Harry Hill and all the mentors offering their time for free only want to build a better Estate Agency profession and instead of wishful thinking, the engagement of volunteers like Harry (and the many others), could make that change, one person at a time. With agents helping agents, surely that could start to make that happen, Michael?

    Michael - if you want to know more - please do pick up the phone to me


    Benefit of the doubt for now from me. Let's see if we hear about any success stories.

  • Kenny Bruce

    Agents Together was born from the COVID 19 crisis and it has a huge number of industry experts offering support to those in our industry who appreciate a second opinion or need some advice from someone who has experienced in the past what they are currently going through or support with their business. I would strongly advise people to take up a free 30 minute speedy mentor session or sign up for our six month free monthly mentor program. We all need some help from time to time and I assure you it’s good to talk things through.


    Kenny Bruce and his incompetent crew left behind a disaster in the USA including costing me $69,000 in losses. No one has ever contacted me in spite of my attempts for a discussion. I can't believe any one would want to be mentored by Kenny Bruce. I am only one of thousands who feel defrauded by Kenny and Michael Bruce. I set up a complaints website about PB and am incredulous at the horrid stories I have heard. All people should remember that you are known by the company you keep.

  • icon

    This is an extremely laudable project and should be embraced by the industry.
    I wonder whether it would be a good idea to have a leading light in mental health / well-being / psychotherapy as a trustee, as "Healthy Mind" is at the core of the foundation?

  • Michael Day

    Seemingly disingenuous comments from Mr Riley to which Chris Watkin and Kenny Bruce have responded.

    My views is that you can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people achieve what they want.

    There is no compulsion for anyone to interact with Agents Together but the offer of help is there for any who wish to take advantage.

    With the exception of the foundation CEO, none of the other mentors are being remunerated and are giving their time because they care and believe in what is being set out to be achieved. Early feedback has been fantastic from those that have already engaged.

    Is Agents Together a Sales Funnel for something else? The answer is no and, if it was, I would not be involved as a Founder Member. Will it possibly generate positive PR for those involved and giving up significant time to the cause? We'll see? I hope so as it will mean the aims of the foundation are being met!

  • icon

    Crikey, it seems almost believable ha ha ha

  • icon

    As Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

    He also said he would never let a white man go near his daughter - great boxer fascinating man - but not sure he would be my role model

  • icon

    Mentoring off Michael and Kenny Bruce... how not to sell houses, great idea and lots of time for Sarah & Chris etc but completely de-valued by other mentors who do not have a good industry wide reputation!


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