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The perfect example of agency morale kept up at difficult times


On Estate Agent Today this Bank Holiday weekend we’re celebrating the great work agents are doing to keep morale high and team spirit strong in these most difficult of times - the ‘war spirit’ of our industry has never been stronger, especially on this VE Day anniversary.

Here’s a perfect example of what we mean, kindly supplied to us by Zoe Herbert, a partner at Phipps and Pritchard LLP based at Kidderminster in Worcestershire.


Zoe, who’s obviously doing a fantastic job, takes up the story…

“I have 21 members of staff across residential sales, residential lettings, block management and finance departments.

“We had a WhatsApp group that we used to communicate outside of work. Prior to lockdown this was changed to ensure if lockdown occurred all updates were posted on this group. This worked so well and I have to say I was extremely proud of all my staff pulling together communicating, assisting each other - it was truly inspiring.

“In sales I touch base daily with working staff to daily challenges, tasks etc. I liaise with all departments and keep in touch by phone as it’s important to hear a voice and for them to know I am at the end of a phone at all times.

“We now have numerous WhatsApp groups for different challenges, which different staff join in. We encourage and have featured on social media the challenges our staff have encountered and indeed how they are coping to overcome. Communication and positivity is key. We do have this in buckets!!

“We celebrate all positives that occur during lockdown - for example completions, viewing requests and so on. Birthdays have been celebrated despite lockdown via messages and pictures. One member of staff was 50 last week and so I wrote 'An ode to...' - little things go a long way!

Bravo Zoe and her team - stay safe!

** Estate Agent Today and Letting Agent Today are this Bank Holiday weekend running stories about how the industry is coping with lockdown, seven weeks on. Normal news stories resume on Monday but for the moment, please check both sites to see how different agencies and suppliers are keeping up morale. **



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