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Agents Here To Help - initiative to give buyers and sellers confidence

The Agents Here To Help initiative, launched recently by Kristjan Byfield of The Depositary, is now developing fast and becoming a real force in providing buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with confidence to re-enter the market.

Byfield takes up the story…

“It started as an idea, driven by the current crisis, looking to answer people’s questions and assuage their fears. 


“Now we have a community of nationwide agents, a suite of video content made specifically to help consumers, and a new website with up to date information and an easy way for people to get in touch. 

“After just three weeks we already have over 20 pieces of content across all four categories - landlord, tenant, buyer, seller - involving 19 different people and a growing pipeline of future events to build on this. 

“What has been really inspiring is that, with a handful of exceptions, the majority of participants to date have done this for the very first time- and more and more agents are having a go. 

“Amazingly, we have had around 130 companies and individuals register to be involved to date- so there’s much more to come and many more are welcome. 

“If you’d like to support what we’re doing, all social media engagement is greatly appreciated. 

“We now need to make sure our content reaches those it is designed for, and you can help make that happen by following our accounts, sharing posts, joining the conversations and passing on ideas for topics you think worth us covering." 

And Byfield continues: “Whilst Agents Here To Help was born out of a desire to help address people's concerns as a direct result of the pandemic, we think this has the potential to run and run. 

“No one knows what’s coming next, but we do know the property industry, and we want to help. This is a great opportunity to help the public and raise our profile - join us!

“You can find us at www.agentsheretohelp.com.” 


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