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World first for agents with video reviews of suppliers on Kerfuffle

Kerfuffle is the first property-related review site in the world to offer agents the ability to post video reviews on supplier profile pages. 

Agents who are members of the buying collective can capture their video on laptop, tablet or mobile and can see it ahead of it going live - meaning they have the chance to do a retake if it’s not up to scratch. 

Kerfuffle head Simon Whale says: “Video case studies have worked wonders for suppliers and agents in the past. Whilst we’d all like to be churning out hundreds of these every day, the reality is that one every two to three weeks is a challenge once you’ve organised diaries, got film crews on site, edited the footage and so on.” 


And he adds: “We’ve come up with a solution to this – let agents film comments on their camera phone and share them. You won’t get the full War and Peace documentary you might push for if you’ve paid for a full day of filming, but what you will get is the punchy sound bite that’s amazing for sharing through social media and in presentations.” 

Kerfuffle says conversion rates for video are much higher than other digital media, even more so when the content is relevant to the viewer: Kerfuffle members can use these videos to which suppliers other estate agents truly value” says Whale.

“Reviews globally have shrunk by over 60 per cent in the last decade, unsurprisingly starting to resemble Tweets in terms of length. Google knew what it was doing when it bought YouTube, witnessing the explosion of video content. All we are doing is giving agents the best chance of proper due diligence before making a choice and the feedback about the idea so far has been great from both agents and suppliers alike” he continues.

He says that an objective of Kerfuffle was to make its reviews the most trusted in the industry. “With tools like this and of course the fact that you have to be a registered user means we feel we’re way on the road to delivering on that promise” he believes.

Kerfuffle club members can see examples of video reviews here.

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    Great idea.

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    Long as it's real agents as in verified doing the reviews!!

    Simon Whale

    Angus that’s a great point and is obviously a challenge for any site . We think we do more than any other Site to ensure they’re valid and the main one is they have to be registered. Quality over quantity is the angle here

    Well that’s the plan anyway 😂👍

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    Be vigilant!!
    Well done

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    Some kind of formatted template on benefits so some structure is there wld be good.
    A lot of desperate so called proptech out their with little value prop.
    Agents need a Quality filter


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