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Revealed - where estate agents are re-opening their offices this weekend

Estate agents in one small part of the British Isles are reopening their offices this weekend.

Agents on the Channel Island of Guernsey - along with garden centres, vehicle repair centres and builders' merchants - have been told they may start fully or partially opening from tomorrow.

Property sales, rentals, and business transactions will also be able to resume but in all cases they must maintain social distancing and hygiene requirements.


The island has its own government, which has allowed the return to work of a few sectors of the economy ahead of a wider lifting of its restructions.

But there is a caveat - if there is a spike in cases of Coronavirus registered on the island, the closure of the offices may still be invoked.

Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink says: "It will certainly not be business as usual for those who can resume work from Saturday, and businesses absolutely need to carefully read the guidance and stick to it as we cannot allow the community’s hard work in responding to this virus to be undone. We have always said our decisions will be based on evidence and while that has enabled us to take this step, we cannot guarantee that in the future we won’t need to tighten the restrictions again if the evidence dictates it."



  • Mark Walmsley

    Good luck to Guernsey. If no new spike then a precedent maybe. Best of health.


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