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New guidance for removals could mean housing market back in action

The government of one part of the British Isles has produced guidelines for removal firms.

Until now, house moving in an era of social distancing has proven a problem for the wider house sales industry but the government on the Channel island of Guernsey claims it has cracked it.

Guernsey estate agents were allowed to resume viewings and open their offices last weekend.


The authority's new guidance says removals can take place but only in a property where there has been no cases or suspected cases of Coronavirus for the previous 14 days.

All internal doors at the property should remain open to avoid contact with door handles, owners should not be present to avoid congestion, and items should already be packed prior to removal day. 

No vulnerable removers - such as those with heart problems or asthma - should work.

The island's government says only one member of the team should be in any removal truck; others should travel separately. 

A maximum of five people can be on site and they should use hand sanitiser and wear disposable gloves and overalls. Staff should not use the toilet at the property.

Staff must socially distance and if a solo member of staff cannot move an item, mechanical lifting equipment should be “investigated” - only if that is not possible should multiple people lift an item.

On Saturday estate agents on Guernsey were allowed to reopen their offices, and to resume viewings, surveys and marketing.

However there are strict guidelines in force to ensure social distancing; Estate Agent Today had this story on how one firm on the island is managing to operate safely in the 'new normal'.

And you can see Guernsey government's removals guidelines here.

  • Matt Faizey

    Good grief.
    I for one want to get back to work but laughable rubbish like this will not help.

    One person cannot pack a box body on their own. The body is @2.2m wide. Maximum. More often less. Two people are need to manoeuvre furniture. Both in home, in vehicle and in-between

    Most furniture is less than 2m in length both physically, and during the angles needed for positioning.

    2 persons on stairs, in hallways, on landings...

    A house move of normal home contents cannot be performed maintaining social distancing. That's not open to debate.

    The author is an idiot. The author needs to go and perform a home move..

    The sooner at GOV level somebody just admits this, and says 'they're going to have to work at risk' the better. 'just minimise it'.

    As for gloves - wow - they'd need to change gloves after every lift. Or sanitise the gloves after every lift. Totally impractical. And that's just where one person items are concerned.

    Moreover, mattresses, cushions, sofas. Etc etc. Who is to wrap and/or bag these? Has the author seen the dust particles thrown up when these objects are moved?

    And yet they advise not using the toilet!! So now 5 persons can't pee for maybe five hours but they can breathed in dust off a mattress, or sofa, or move the dirty washing basket? All while breaching social distancing.

    Articles this idiotic are not helping.

    Those associated with moving home should remember moving crews are the true frontline. Individuals who clearly know nothing about the physical process should simply keep their mouths shut.

    Broadly movers want to get back to work, and can manage risk. Being spoken to like this is insulting, patronising and makes clear the way house movers are viewed. The author obviously thinks it's that simple expert guidance isn't needed.


    I’m in removals but if not safe for me to see my family, it’s not safe to see someone else’s.

    Am I supposed to put my house on the market for my family to be allowed to come in, lol

    For me to see my kids do I need to hire them as cleaners lol

  • Richard Copus

    For a moment I thought this article might be somewhere like Ireland - but Guernsey! The population of Guernsey is 67,000 (half the population of Exeter - one of England's smaller county towns). There have been 247 cases and 13 deaths (or 17 if you take into account 4 possibles). It is a tiny island and easy to cut off from everyone else. I bet they will not be allowing outsiders to move in without being quarantined or until a later time.

  • icon

    So many flaws in this article. Clearly Graham has never completed a home move.

  • icon

    A desk clerk in Guernsey tell the professionals how they should do their job and Trump advises to drink Dettol.... One day stupidity will be made painful, can't wait!!!!

  • icon

    Does estate agents want to go in 10 homes then back to there family to past the risk


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