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Purplebricks asking sellers to draw their own floorplans

Purplebricks Local Property Experts are asking sellers who are not allowing agents into their homes during the virus crisis to draw their own floorplans.

Or, as an alternative, old floorplans from historic sales details will be used.

The suggestions were made on a leaflet circulated last month, and which you can see below.


Copies of the leaflet have been circulated on social media explaining that because of social distancing and self-isolation measures, sellers should use their own smartphones or cameras to take videos and still photographs of their properties.

Then under a section called ‘Floor Plans?’ the leaflet says: “Depending on when you purchased your property I may be able to find a floor plan to work with from when you purchased the property. Alternative we can list the property without a floor plan or you can take measurements and draw the layout which I can then edit.”

There has been substantial debate in the industry over the accuracy of floorplans even when undertaken by skilled and experienced agents and chartered surveyors. 

Last year the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ran a Certified Property Measurer course aimed at training agents and others in the industry to measure consistently in line with international standards.

And in the summer of 2019 Proptech firm Spec claimed agents were currently undervaluing properties because of what it called “outdated and inaccurate property measurement techniques used to create floorplans.”

A Purplebricks spokesperson told Estate Agent Today: “As we adapt to the Coronavirus restrictions, we are taking all possible steps to ensure the accuracy of floor plans and all information, while still keeping people moving.”

Unsurprisingly the leaflet has been the subject of comment on social media. 

Ric Pickford, the owner of Snapes Estate Agents - with branches at Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Poynton and Woodford - put the leaflet on Twitter highlighting the problem of “guessing off an old flooplan which might be wrong in the first place.”

Purplebricks asking sellers to draw their own floorplansPurplebricks asking sellers to draw their own floorplansPurplebricks asking sellers to draw their own floorplans

  • Keith Russell

    DESPERATE! I would hope that the majority of the public would be able to see through this farce.

  • Murray Lee

    Par for the course...if we could get out there to even play!

  • icon
    • 03 April 2020 09:45 AM

    As much I know PB are hated by all, I actually thought this ain’t a bad idea tbf.
    Can’t lie, I’d use it and just put in a disclaimer due to current circumstances.

  • icon

    How do they produce an EPC?
    Sellers do everything else anyway so whats the difference!

    Al Mac

    Oh they'll invent their own EPCs based on how long the vendor can sit in the living room without putting on a jumper

  • Craig Reynolds

    I thought they always did this ;-)

  • Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    Necessity the mother of invention - maybe not a polished model of how to list a property with no Local Property Expert on the ground, but again Purplebricks is looking to generate revenue and interest in property at the key 'Spring' period that is usually bonanza time.

    One thing about company's who will survive these terrible times is their ability to PIVOT - the new buzzword of those who have an entrepreneurs mindset. Producing Income (in) Very Out-of-bounds Times.

    Keith Russell

    This depends if money is your sole goal in life. I liken it to the vultures that looked to make a buck when the war was on, when every decent person where either fighting the war or doing something towards it. That would be my preference. The market will still be there when all of this blows over.

  • Martin Shock

    We've had several sellers who were happy to recieve a Ricoh 360 camera and produce a virtual tour by logging into the RICOH Tours mobile app.


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