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Only half of Zoopla’s branches have taken up ‘free deal’ offers

Only half of the branches signed up to Zoopla have taken advantage of one or other of the discount offers made by the portal.

Last month, Zoopla presented two options to agents with 30 branches or fewer. Option 1 was nine months free, returning to normal fees thereafter, as part of an 18-month contract following the free period. This was open to agents committing to quit Rightmove. 

Option 2 was five months for free, returning to normal fees thereafter as part of an 18-month contract following the free period.


Now, in an interview in the Daily Telegraph, Zoopla chief executive Charlie Bryant says around half of branches signed up to the portal have opted for one or other offer. This means “an extraordinary adjustment to our revenue this year … The idea of profit forecasts has been largely shelved.”

However, Zoopla says that at the time of the Telegraph interview it had directly contacted only 70 per cent of its agents about the offer, with the rest to be contacted in the coming weeks.

Bryant also gives an insight into the revenue raising capacity of Zoopla which, because it is no longer listed on the London Stock Exchange does not have to produce regular reports revealing its financial performance.

He tells the Telegraph that income to the Zoopla and PrimeLocation portals make up 60 per cent of Zoopla’s overall revenue.

Another 20 per cent comes from estate agent subscriptions to its licensed software and a further 20 per cent comes via its data division which includes Hometrack and Calcasa, operating automated valuation models and services - in particular, Hometrack’s valuation and risk services are provided to 17 of the UK’s 20 largest mortgage lenders.

Yesterday we reported, exclusively, that Zoopla was predicting that agents would still be suffering reduced revenues as a result of the pandemic right up to the end of the third quarter of the year, which finishes at the end of September.

However, Bryant says there are some silver linings for the industry.


“Number one: people have kept their properties on the market” he says, referred to the fact that as of the end of last week the number of homes for sale and listed on Zoopla was only one per cent lower today than on March 7. “Having that stock will be really, really important to enable a bounce back once the market reopens. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a green shoot, but it’s a seed in the ground” he adds.

The second silver living was that although Bryant claims browsing activity has plunged around 45 per cent plunged across all portals, it has now bottomed out. “We have in fact seen a slight single digit increase week on week … and in the lettings space we have seen a 16 per cent week on week increase in lettings browsing levels” he tells the Telegraph.

  • adrian black

    Does that mean the other half have given notice ? If so it will be an extraordinary loss of market share for Zoopla.

  • icon

    How on earth any smaller agency can commit, or be expected to commit to an 18 month contract at this point is beyond me. New instructions are at zero in my area so it is imprudent to make any commitment to any portal until we see this trajectory change. Folk will be burning up free portal allowance, with nothing to actually advertise. Not being overly dramatic. Just stating facts.


    A bit like them giving you a free umbrella to use during a heatwave and then asking for it back while heading in to a wet autumn.

  • icon

    Agree with carl, how can any agency large or small commit to anything. Rightmove offer was simple and straightforward- they made a mistake, held their hands up and reduced our fees.
    No contract required.

  • adrian black

    it could get messy for the offices that have signed up if lots of other customers are leaving, they will have a commitment to a contract with a portal with far fewer listings and probably much less buyer traffic, I think they need to come out with a straightforward offer with no lock-in or they and remaining clients could have big issues


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