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Good News: Estate agents’ offices will be first to reopen says newspaper

Estate agents’ offices will be in the first category of High Street premises to reopen when the lockdown finally ends, newspapers claim this morning.

Although there is a widespread expectation that the lockdown will be extended for another three weeks, agents’ offices - along with coffee shops and restaurants - are today reported to be the first premises likely to be allowed to reopen in early May.

The claim comes in this morning’s Daily Star and Sun newspapers.


They say the recommendation has been made in a report written for the government by Conservative peer Lord Gadhia and Sir Jonathan Symonds, chairman of GlaxoSmithKline.

They suggest a limited re-opening of Britain's commercial activities with appropriate social distancing measures until an anti-Coronavirus vaccine is widely available in 12 to 18 months time.

The papers say their report states: “The initial focus for reopening the economy should be on sectors that have the greatest multiplier effects with minimum risks - such as coffee shops and restaurants which support agriculture.

“The property market is another that has wide multiplier effects. We need to avoid a stop-start economy which would sap public morale and damage business confidence yet further.”

  • James Scollard

    Hopefully, not without test kits. We go house to house, 10 appointments per day x 14 days - we could unknowingly infect 140 + people easily.


    Buy yourself some aqualung equipment! Problem solved.

  • Franklin I

    I can't see how this is good news.

    Are estate agents now considered as key workers?

    The only estate agents that will survive any post Covid - 19 outbreak will be the ones that will implement a radical change from the conventional method of direct contact to a system that accommodates someone on lockdown, social distancing and self isolation!

    When the economy takes a hammering, it has a rippling effect on our interest rates, housing market, mortgages and sales!

  • Mike Lewis

    If it's in the papers, it must be true!

  • James B

    Government are probably more than happy to sacrifice a few agents

  • icon
    • 16 April 2020 16:11 PM

    In any one town you only need two EA.
    There are simply too many chasing too little demand.

    Consolidation is required urgently.
    There needs to be far fewer EA and LA.
    Those remaining should be far more viable and with more staff to service the demand such operations should be eminently viable.
    Currently there are no barriers to entry.
    Any johnny come lately can start up as an EA or LA.

    This cannot be in the interests of the consumer.
    With increased demand costs could be reduced and still leave those remaining EA and LA better off.
    A far better offer would result from there being fewer EA and LA.
    Let us hope a vast cull occurs of EA and LA leaving the financially robust and probably the more competent ones.

    Franklin I

    With today's technology, this is possible. Hopefully, it will stop corruption and rapaciousness within the EA & LA industry and foster a more honest and transparent service to both consumers and governing bodies.

  • icon

    I want to buy a property, but see it as nothing short of stupidity to put my health at risk to the extent of going through the removal process and moving into someone else’s living space.
    I am dealing with 2 estate agents whose last concern on earth seems to be the health of their customers. There are no comments above considering the health or views of clients or taking any responsibility for them.
    I think agents should be checking their insurance policies.

  • icon

    Yes one thing Real estate agents do not pay attention to is risk management.
    They are generally small businesses.
    Perhaps some of these Proptech geniuses shld focus on this in some way.
    Most agency bosses have little idea of how exposed and underinsured they are.
    And not just for the new covid bandwagon

    • 19 April 2020 13:57 PM

    Most EA have limited liability so no great need for insurance as the company just goes insolvent.
    The EA opens up again probably the same name but having gone through a pre-pack insolvency.
    Very few EA would put their personal finances on the line.
    That would be very poor business decision taking.

  • icon

    Yep - get out there into the big bad world agents! I'll be right behind you

  • icon
    • 05 May 2020 01:00 AM

    We haven't seen it occur yet but I'm sure it will eventually.

    That is a major website portal will allow the public to list their properties either for free or for a relatively small cost.
    Then it would be game over for EA.
    It only needs google or fb to have a dedicated web portal and then game over for EA and LA.

    I'm sure it is only a matter of when rather than if this situation eventually occurs.

    With this video viewing etc why retain expensive high street offices.

    Surely all a vendor has to do is do a video and then post it on FB marketplaces.
    I really can't see the point of EA.

    Anyone can video their property for sale and list it.

    If I was looking to purchase I would check fb.
    It just seems that currently the fb offer is a bit confusing so not easy to search like RM etc.

    Get that sorted and then a very effective and free service results.
    Such circumstances must surely be of great concern to EA and LA.


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