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Hybrid says it's time to go self-employed and buy a £10k franchise

A hybrid agency says the Coronavirus is a “disrupter and game changer” for the industry and is wanting agents keen to work from home to buy into its franchise scheme.

nu:move - which describes itself as “the number one online agent” - has issued a statement saying its franchise deals are £10,000 for those wanting to operate under its brand in a radius of 100,000 properties.

For 50,000 properties it’s £7,000 and for 25,000 properties the fee is £3,995.


The agency says individual franchisees get 80 per cent commission from all residential sales and lets, and 90 per cent commission on all additional services.

It’s also offering what it calls a “deferred franchise fee” allowing the overall charge to be deducted incrementally from completion fees charged to customers. 



“The coronavirus is the ONLY disrupter and game changer, nu:move are here to redefine the property sector. A no brainier win win for estate agents” says the statement from company chairman TJ Singh.

Amongst the list of benefits and services given in return for a franchise fee there is “guaranteed return on investment” and “accreditation and legislation all covered in-house” and “24/7 call centre and support.”

  • Michael Riley

    Sounds remarkable :), where do I sign?

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    If they practice social distancing in the queue, I doubt it will be 2 metres long.

  • icon

    Bad taste doesn't even cover it. Another here today, gone tomorrow outfit.

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    • D G
    • 27 March 2020 09:12 AM

    Would anyone seriously want to work with a company that puts out such garbage

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    They’re doing well. Company accounts show it had £2399 in the bank at the end of the financial year. I can see them taking on purplebricks with that war chest🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    April Fool's Day comes early


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