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Conveyancer claims pioneering app will speed up transactions

A conveyancing firm has launched what it claims to be one of the first ever apps for vendors and buyers in England and Wales.

The app - specially designed for clients of the firm Rowlinsons - allows users to access key documents and information on their transaction and check on progress 24/7 by linking directly into the firm’s internal system. 

The firm will also be able to send letters and messages instantly and enable clients to electronically sign and return any documents, all through the app.


“The launch of our app will help with communication and updates, but also has the potential to significantly speed up transactions as key documents can now be signed and returned in minutes” according to the company’s director and head of property, Tom Parkinson. 

All of Rowlinsons clients will be given the option of using the app at no additional cost and will receive a link from which they can download the app to either an Apple or Android mobile device. 



The company insists the app “gives the client full visibility of the conveyancing process, explaining what happens at each stage and sends instant alerts when there is a new update or a document is received.”

The company says not only will clients benefit from improved accessibility and transparency, but the app will provide a more secure form of communication than email or Royal Mail post.

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    This is like me saying I’ve invented a new way of marketing a property. I’m going to call it “for Sale” board.

    These guys could have saved a fortune joined them panel at my home move as their system is this system called eWay since about 2008.

    I bet some app creator is splitting his sides, copy an app already available and sell it to a solicitor as a revolutionary idea.

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    • Alex
    • 21 February 2020 16:05 PM

    Simply Conveyancing have had this for a while.

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    We’ve had this in our firm for nearly 8 years - courtesy of our Case Management Provider (Redbrick).

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    We are taking on more work than ever, over 5 offices now, and communication is one area where we won't go automated/robotic/impersonal. We deliberately make sure we have a full and proper dialogue with our clients, in detail about where they are, what the actual delays are, the solutions, what they can/should be doing, the chain as we know it, etc etc at a minimum once a week, and at key stages. Try it. Clients receive far more information, sure it takes more time per client (yet also acts as a review of the file to make sure we are indeed all over things).

    We've all done the 'fob off' to a website/app etc, but we want to offer far more, leaving that style/model well behind, as we want to give clients what we would want ourselves. Sure, it means higher salaries for our conveyancers, as they have to be instant decision makers/communicators over what the issues are/solutions and next steps, but we want our clients telling all their friends how good we are, that is a win win for everyone. As a result we have record growth every year, repeat business as our main source, and delighted agents.

    It's all about how you go about respecting your clients/the public. Personal or impersonal.

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    Unless it makes a conveyancer stop sitting on documentation for 2 weeks before supplying it to the other side, I don't see how it can speed anything up!


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