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Broadband seen as ‘4th utility’ by buyers and agents

New research suggests the internet and broadband coverage have become even more important to buyers and tenants.

The study - involving 228 housing professionals and 2,000 homeowners or renters - shows that 86 per cent of the public claim having a decent connection in their property is important and 64 per said they would be put off by a home with slow Wi-Fi. 

Overall 54 per cent are ‘more likely’ to purchase a property with a good connection.


Amongst property professionals 60 per cent of respondents rate ‘reliable, fast, fibre connectivity’ as critical and equivalent to being the fourth utility. 

A further 32 per cent defined it as ‘a key attractor’ for buyers and renters.

A quarter of the public say they work from home on a regular basis and therefore rely on broadband.

Almost half – 47 per cent – want a decent broadband connection to keep in touch with their friends and family, and four in 10 use it for streaming TV shows and films. 

  • Sam Hunter

    If someone can't binge their nightly Netflix, chances they won't buy/move/enquire. The quality and availability of connection is also a growing factor in the perceived value of a property.

    It's why we've given a digital connectivity score to every home (broadband and mobile speed/coverage) on Homesearch.

    Need another compelling reason for your buyers to make that offer? This could be it.


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