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345 branches join Zoopla in one month as leads and searches soar

Zoopla has published a startling set of statistics to demonstrate what it calls “a record January with significant growth in delivery of leads to agents, web traffic, new branch sign-ups and brand preference.”

The portal, which on Boxing Day launched a national marketing campaign - ‘We Know What A Home Is Really Worth’ - says it achieved in January:

- over 345 branches signed up to the portal in just one month;


- 25 per cent growth in applicant leads and 17 per cent rise in valuation leads compared to the same month in 2019;

- a 15 per cent rise in the number of Zoopla web sessions by customers compared to 12 months previously; 

- an increase in its coverage of lettings in London from 58 per cent to 71 per cent over the year “signifying a clear, market-leading position”;

- a rise of 10 per cent in consumer online searches for the word ‘Zoopla’.

It says web traffic was driven in part by new initiatives, such as the recently launched Zooploma - a digital marketing campaign designed to support buyers and renters, which attracted 176,000 sign-ups in its first four weeks since launch.

Meanwhile what the portal calls “unprompted brand awareness” increased to 66 per cent last month and prompted brand awareness held steady at 94 per cent. 

“We’ve started the year with tremendous impact – both for our agent partners and for our business, and we are moving the needle in terms of brand preference” explains Zoopla chief executive Charlie Bryant. 

“Undoubtedly, the scale of our marketing investment has galvanised market confidence and set a new, upward trajectory for the year ahead. Results show that our campaign, which launched on Boxing Day, has engendered real cut-through with agents and consumers alike.

“With the backing of Silver Lake [which bought the portal company in 2018] we have been able to establish a new era for Zoopla, in which we double down on immediate agent need and priorities, easing the everyday pain points that might otherwise hamper their businesses, while also planning for the long term. 


“The Zoopla advantage has unlocked value for agents in a way that other providers can’t, and we’ve generated genuine traction in regions where we had previously been underrepresented.

“2020 is set to be a game-changing year for us, and we look forward to partnering with more and more agents to help them realise their ambitions.”

Poll: Zoopla is investing - will it ever 'catch' Rightmove as #1 portal?


  • Chris JaiBahadur

    I certainly hope so which means I will save over a thousand pound per month when I dump Rightmove.

  • icon

    All good news reported but what effect will this have on subscription prices?

  • icon

    This is just a knock on from the mass exit from Rightmove. Dump them and stay afloat the neverending regulations and changes to our industry has made agent decide to save and thats why so many have already or are leaving Rightmove, Bye Bye RM happy RMEXIT

  • icon

    its Just the Zoopla call out affect, they called me and said it’s pretty much free to come with us for a fixed period to see how we can help you, when I declined they asked what terms I’d like!

    I’m still getting more leads off boards and on the market than I am Rightmove this year on both sales and lettings


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