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PropTech: New agents' CRM launches after three years in development

A high-profile publicity campaign has culminated in the launch of a new CRM which calls itself as “a transformative new technology, empowering estate agents, creating efficiencies, cutting costs, and helping to increase margins.”

Street - founded by sister and brother entrepreneurs Heather and Thomson Staff - says its pricing is “transparent” at £6 per property per month, starting at 100 properties. Agents will be charged for properties For Sale, Sold Subject to Contract, To Let or Let Agreed and the founders claim there is a waiting list of agents into next spring.

“This is the first, truly modern estate agency platform in the UK. There’s nothing else like this available on the market and we’re all incredibly proud of what we’ve created. We said we’d redesign estate agency software from the ground up and that’s exactly what we’ve done” says Thomson Staff.


The product is described as marking the end of progress calls between agent and client, with real-time updates instantly available, removing the fielding of client update calls, chasing conveyancers, and identifying bottlenecks.

It’s also supported by an app.

Heather Staff says: “Street is the culmination of three years of hard work by the most talented developers and designers out there. They’ve made sure that Street is not only beautiful but a pleasure to work with. This is technology that other industries had access to a decade ago and we’re delighted we’ve succeeded in closing the gap. It's exciting to see Street in action already with our beta clients and we look forward to onboarding many more agents in the coming months.”

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    Having been lucky enough to get an early screening of this, it is tempting to say this CRM is streets ahead, but with my proptech analyst hat on and my estate agency hat on – it really is. Joining up all the dots a modern solution for agencies of a certain size, this is going to be a big winner. It has removed so much of the repetitive human tasks that should have been automated a decade ago, freeing up the ever busy agent to do positive workflow activities, adding profit to that bottom line

  • icon
    • 25 November 2020 08:30 AM

    Pay more for less? I attended the webinar last night and saying "There’s nothing else like this available on the market" is absolute nonsense! There's nothing unique here, in fact it doesn't have client accounts, lettings or property management and its USP is telling you the weather for your upcoming appointments, that's worth £200 more than the most expensive CRM on the market? Give me a break. If I want WhatsApp integration I'll use any number of the proptechs that offer this functionality. All hype as usual, but at least I will get an "open API" … but wait, I have to wait a year before it comes out!? They then have to cheek to say they're launching today! Oh no, wait again, it's not available today, you can book a demo, and then you have to wait until spring because they're soooo overloaded with agents signing-up? It's a SaaS product isn't it?? There is so much nonsense here even Pie wouldn't cover them.

    Dharmesh Mistry

    How does this compare with HomeSearch and Boomin?

  • Algarve  Investor

    Isn't this the same team behind Spectre? Whatever happened to them?

  • Where Is The  Monii Money

    One of the promises of technology is the automation of routine, repetitive or mundane tasks to the point at which personal intervention or decision is required.

    My experience of the relationship between estate agents and the various proptech solutions is that rarely does a new or change of CRM system bring about a fundamental change in the commercial success of an estate agent (assuming that commercial success is the desired outcome).

    This is a good thing for estate agents. It means that a bad estate agent is unlikely to be transformed into an outstanding estate agent by technology alone. It is rare for an estate agent to change how they operate based on the provision of a new or different technology platform.

    Here's a simple analogy. Excel has over the last couple decades become a shadow of its original self with a whole host of functionality and widgets being added with every iteration. However, how I use Excel hasn't changed since 1993. Protech is yet to understand the psychology of technology usage...

  • Dharmesh Mistry

    @jason borne, how does this compare with Boomin?


    Hi Dharmesh, it doesn't compare as Boomin is a portal and Street is a CRM


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