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Agency chief criticises Trump and Farage over ‘victory’ claim

Hunters chairman and Conservative MP Kevin Hollinrake has hit out at allegedly false claims made by Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

Trump’s already-infamous claim to have won the country’s presidential election - made when substantial numbers of votes had still to be counted and no independent analysts were confident in the result - was then commented upon by Farage, who is leader of the former Brexit party now known as Reform UK.

Farage, whose new party is campaigning against lockdowns, made his remarks in a Sky News interview. 


This in turn prompted a tweet from Hunters chairman and Conservative MP Kevin Hollinrake.

He tweeted: “Both Donald Trump and Nigel Farage (on Sky News) fundamentally undermining democracy this morning without an apparent shred of evidence. I assume they know perfectly well where this ends.”


Hollinrake’s comments were not the only ones from the agency world showing dismay at the election arguments in the US.

Property guru Harry Hill - the former Countrywide chairman and founder of Rightmove - tweeted: “It is sadly clear that if he could, Trump (who may incredibly still win legitimately) would imprison all opponents and declare himself President for life - and his daughter to take over when he dies! Much wrong in the UK too but dear oh dear!”

And outspoken industry commentator and former Emoov chief executive Russell Quirk went on to social media to say: “Trump speaks: He believes he’s won because he says his share of the vote in Republican states - his base - has increased. Displays no understanding of how those shoe-in states don’t matter … it’s the swing states that win or lose the election.” 

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    Plenty of evidence if Hollinrake could be bothered to keep up with events. He probably still thinks it a coincidence that Covid was released in election year. Still, any distraction from him voting for lock down 2, killing local businesses in his constituency and bankrupting many of his constituents., eh?


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