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Boomin names another 10 founding member independent agencies

Boomin, the still-to-launch portal created by the founders of Purplebricks, has named another 10 founding member agencies.

Like the initial 10 they are independent chains, albeit many of them more regionally-based than the high profile companies named last week.

The latest 10 are Bidmead Cook, Balgores, Cooper & Tanner, Henry Adams, Jacob Steel,  Karl Tatler, Miles & Barr, Michael Jones & Company, Kings Group and Linley & Simpson.


Michael Bruce, executive chairman of Boomin, says: “We continue to be hugely impressed by the interest in Boomin and the engagement from agents up and down the country.

“Their desire to give their customers the very best experience, the widest possible exposure for their home and be part of transforming the property market for everyone has been the driving force behind their decision to support Boomin.”

He continues: “2021 may prove to be a difficult year for the market so giving agents access to the latest portal technology without cost, with a view to increasing the number of property transactions and earning them additional income from new services centred on the broader home is widely welcomed by agents looking to the future.” 

Agents who sign-up now qualify for a free equity share allocation and use of the platform until January 2022 at no cost.

The portal’s publicity statement refers to these founding agents as “pioneers” who “want to be at the forefront of the next generation of property portal, will become the go-to agents in their area for the unique features offered by Boomin.”

The 10 agencies on the first list of firms on board Boomin were Foxtons, Chancellors, Andrews,  Century 21, Hunters, McEwan Fraser, Dacre, Son & Hartley, Ryder & Dutton, Miller Metcalfe and Mishon Mackay.

  • Charlie Lamdin

    Boomin has already filmed its first series of TV ads, it was a big budget shoot. It was the misleading TV ad campaign that made PB famous and cost consumers tens of millions in fees paid for homes that didn’t sell. Michael Bruce had to appear on Watchdog and apologise for misleading consumers into signing credit agreements. I cannot work out if they are either very sharp crooks who don’t care that they cost consumers millions, or lucky idiots who think they can get lucky twice. We will see. Either way they don’t care about making their money at the expense of people less well off, which I find despicable.

  • martin moston

    Couldn't agree more....A lemming is a small rodent. The stereotypical view of a lemming is that if one lemming jumps over a cliff then hundreds of others will follow blindly. Someone can 'be a lemming' if they follow others without thinking.

    • 21 October 2020 07:53 AM

    A bit like the entire human race at the moment!

  • Algarve  Investor

    This'll all end in tears, I fear. And it'll be the smaller regional agents who lose out.

    Boomin is pouncing on anti-Rightmove sentiment in a very effective way, but I still don't get the logic behind hating Rightmove and then joining Boomin, run by the very people who did so much to disparage the traditional agent for the last five or six years.

  • icon
    • 21 October 2020 09:41 AM

    If I want to sell a property I list for free via a commission free EA on RM.
    End of.
    Not concerned about any other portal.
    If it isn't on RM or zoopla then it doesn't exist as far as I am concerned.
    EA need to ve on at least one of these portals.
    Forget the rest.


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