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Agents can capture automated valuation leads even if they quit process

The ValPal Network claims its new product allows agents to gather the maximum amount of information from customers using its automated valuation tool - even if they fail to complete the valuation exercise.

‘Before You Go’ sliders are triggered if a user of the valuation process close a valuation page before completing it. 

An ’In a hurry?' tab appears, encouraging them to fill in their details to be contacted later.


"As with any marketing campaign, you’re going to have some people bounce from the online valuation page, whether they get distracted or don’t want to part with their personal details at that point of the process," explains Craig Vile, director of The ValPal Network.

"We now have a solution for both reducing the bounce rate with the ‘Before You Go’ sliders while allowing agents to make the most of every opportunity with our incomplete valuation data leads.”

The ValPal Network says it now provides instant online valuation services and a range of additional products to over 800 brands and over 4,000 agency offices across the UK.

The network’s creators say the sliders complement a separate product - the incomplete valuation leads initiative, which was launched in late last year.

Additional leads are generated by consumers who fill in the first page of the online valuation but abandon the process before completing page two.

Members of The ValPal Network are then provided with the prospect's address – which they would have entered on the first page - providing them with several prospecting opportunities to target the consumer.

"We see the ‘Before You Go’ sliders as the first step, encouraging consumers who try to leave the process to fill in their details before leaving. If we can't capture the contact details, we still have their address which we can pass on to the agent to target by cross-referencing and canvassing" says Vile.

The ValPal Network says estate and letting agents should be looking to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a resurgent property market over recent weeks

"It's clear that the market has bounced thanks to the traditional new year surge, combined with the election result and more certainty over the outcome of Brexit" says Vile.

"That's why now is the perfect time for agents to boost their marketing activity in order to reap the benefits of renewed market confidence.

"We know more prospective sellers and landlords will be browsing agents' websites and looking for instant online valuations over the next few weeks. Therefore, using all the additional tools we provide can help our members to maintain and build a healthy database while also generating more hot leads" he adds.

The ValPal Network is owned by Angels Media, which publishing Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today and the other ‘Today’ online industry trade news websites.

  • Chris Arnold

    Most every agent claims that estate agency is a "people business". Automation, in its many guises, makes it less so and treats every homeowner as 'lead' rather than as a human being.
    There's a reason people don't complete online forms - they're not interested enough.
    The solution might be to make the content of any website so appealing that they can't wait to sign up!
    The ramblings of a naive online innocent? Or one who sees the bar being set so low that it's surprising vendors can still think for themselves?

    Matthew Payne

    At the very least there needs to be some value offering as an incentive to fill in a form, and clearly an online val alone isnt it where most people have done this to death over the last few years and know pretty much what their property is worth anyway, there are so many ways to stay up to date without filling them in. Even better still would be a more compelling reason to subscribe to that site more generally, where the user would receive a comprehensive variety of relevant content they might find useful or interesting which they may currently get from 5,6,7,8 other subscriptions. Most people want the information, but would like to try and consolidate the number of data sources and associated email traffic, not expand them further.


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