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The public 'underestimate agency fees by almost £6,000' - claim

A quick move company claims that the general public underestimate estate agents’ fees by around £6,000. 

A survey of 2,000 home owners conducted for the Good Move company in July apparently produced the result that most respondents believed agency fees would be around £892 on average, whereas in reality the company claims that typical fees could range from £2,267 to £6,803 for the average priced home selling for £226,798.

Other underestimated costs were for legal fees (underestimated by just over £600 on average), mortgage arrangement (underestimated by just over £2,000) and surveyors’ costs (underestimated by around £140.)

The same survey showed the respondents over-estimated removal costs by around £50.

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    £6803 to sell a house at £226798? When was 3% last achieved? It’s such a load of bollox! They haven’t said in their report how many £10s of thousands under true value the these “quick move” companies buy at. If we are approached by then we always state 3% in response their requested 0.5% multi rate so we don’t have to deal with them.


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