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Viewings - these problems deter would-be buyers

A new survey claims to have discovered the sights and experiences that most deter would-be buyers when they view homes on the market.

The study asked 1,266 adults who had each been to several property viewings in the past 12 months.

The key findings are unlikely to prove surprising to agents. Here are the highlights:

- extensive cracks, marks and stains on walls, ceilings and floors leave the biggest negative impression - 76 per cent;

- fixtures and fittings that do not function property - such as toilets, taps and the like - cause problems for 71 per cent;

- exposed wires cause concern to 66 per cent while 63 per cent say they are deterred by floors being broken or damaged; 

- with the kitchen a focal point in a home for many, heavily damaged or worn out kitchen cabinets hinder the prospects for 54 per cent;

- mould featured rather low down the list, at 49 per cent;

- damaged or stained carpets distressed 18 per cent; and

- at the bottom came missing or broken door or cupboard handles, at 15 per cent.

The survey was conducted for property company Sellhousefast.


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