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Online agency says first time buyers no worse off than a generation ago

An online agency has struck out against the conventional wisdom that it’s tougher than ever before for first time buyers to afford to get on the ladder.

Nested claims that its research shows today’s first timers are on av rage 27 years old – the same age as their parents wen they first bought 30 years ago.

The agency’s claim comes despite it having commissioned a study which showed that 80 per cent of some 1,500 adults in the poll believed it would be impossible for a young person to buy a home today, with 60 per cent fearing their own children - when they grew up - would be unable to afford to be owner occupiers.

Nested spokesman Ben Bailey says:“We often hear of younger people’s fears that they won’t be able to buy a home, but [the] research shows that the dream of home-ownership is still within their grasp. At 27, the first-time buyers of today are exactly the same age their parents were when they took their first steps on the property ladder 30 years ago.”

Poll: First time buyers - worse off today, or same as always


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    In my area a FTB is up to 220000
    There many houses below this

  • Paul Barrett

    Yet again we have the stupid London centric media espousing views that are really only shared by a very small metropolitan elite.
    Essentially GR who are the whingers that they can't afford to buy near mummy and daddy in the SE.
    This situation had been caused by mass uncontrolled immigration along with insufficient housing being built.

    The result of this is that London and it's near surrounds has become very expensive.
    Should whiney GR wish they can easily afford to buy even in the SE.
    Just they won't be able to afford the near shires to London.
    London is not representative of the UK property market.
    Indeed so distorted is it by foreign money that really it should be removed from all national statistics.
    Then you will see the true situation which is as has been mentioned that property is eminently affordable.
    I'll give you an example.
    A few years ago a terraced property in Walthamstow was about £260000.
    Now it is £450000.
    That same terrace house in Southend is £260000
    It takes a similar time to commute from Southend to London as it does from Walthamstow. So it is perfectly possible for a GR FTB to buy in Southend but possibly not in Walthamstow.
    Why should any GR FTB believe they should have the right to afford to live in Walthamstow!?
    The facts are that GR refuses to accept that there are many areas just too expensive for them to afford to buy.............................were it ever thus.
    So GR needs to consider cheaper areas.
    Property is still eminently affordable providing you can be bothered to save a decent deposit and live like a church mouse to put yourself in the best position to buy.
    But GR doesn't do this.
    They want it all now and refuse to save and reduce their lifestyle expenditure.
    Well that will just lead to them remaining tenants.
    Life is all about choices and GR makes the wrong choices if they are aspiring FTB.
    There needs to be some realism injected into the fantasy lives of GR if they ever hope to become property owners.
    The trouble is GR is causing much damage to the PRS and consequently the property market.
    LL are leaving the market which means fewer properties being built and far fewer rental properties.
    Govt must stop pandering to GR.
    GR is causing massive damage to the UK economy.
    They should be ignored.


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