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Zoopla tool will capture leads from Facebook and Instagram

Zoopla is mining data from users of its website to target sellers on Facebook and Instagram, producing leads and making it unnecessary for agencies to use external marketing firms.

The portal company’s new tool is called AdReach Express and a beta version of it has already won an award. 

It analysis data of users of Zoopla and segments it to identify vendors and their location-specific preferences. 


This information is used to target vendors with one of the advert designs created by Zoopla itself: when prospective vendors click on an advert they are driven to a personalised, co-branded chat bot that starts a conversation “and captures the lead” according to a statement from the firm this morning. 

Leads are then automatically sent straight to an agent’s CRM. 

Zoopla says this tool is particularly beneficial for those looking to either implement or optimise their digital marketing strategy “providing good value for money as there is no need for an external marketing agency and the high associated costs.”

It claims that agents using AdReach Express in the initial product development phase have already seen an uplift in leads and engagement: it cites Dunstable agency Deakin-White which says: “AdReach Express has allowed us to get our messaging in front of our specific target market, and people looking to sell their homes in Dunstable, and increase our lead volumes as a result. The product is really simple and easy to use, and we have the flexibility to easily change our targeting, and photo whenever we want, as many times as we want.”

Zoopla claims further benefits include leads being sent directly to the agent’s CRM, minimising admin and giving agents the ability to track lead conversion, and the co-branding of each advert between the agency’s own imagery and Zoopla’s.

It says AdReach Express is entirely automated using Zoopla’s self-service platform - right down to the advert creation - allowing agents to change their target audience and messaging easily with the click of a button.

“It successfully drives leads and increases engagement, helping agents win more vital instructions, and gives our agents a competitive edge in an increasingly digital market where 90 per cent of home searches start online. Our continued investment in technology and product is crucial as it gives us the ability to provide the most relevant tools at the best value for money for our agent clients. We are proud to provide a multi-faceted offering which assists agents across all points in their property marketing strategies” explains Zoopla chief executive Charlie Bryant.

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    'helping agents win more vital instructions'. It's a lead generator not an instruction generator. Big difference.

    'leads being sent directly to the agent’s CRM'. Are these leads ONLY going to agents or is Zoopla using the data for its benefit too?

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    Is it possible to demo the software or potentially buy?


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