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Knotty problem for agent as he cuts the ties that bind his staff

Some agents have probably already done this, but ties are a thing of the past at London estate agency James Pendleton.

Founder Lee Pendleton has told his team that ties are no longer good for business, and dressing to impress is rather old-school. 

To demonstrate the point that there’s no going back, at a sales meeting Pendleton wielded the scissors and cut his team’s ties in two!


“I looked round the room and thought ‘today’s the day’. Times have changed and our clients aren’t paying for the way we look. It took a while for my world view to change because, when I entered the industry, it was still very traditional and we all wore suits and ties without fail” he says.

“But the world has moved on and clients today don’t value a nice tie any more, they value good advice. I want the people who meet our consultants to see them as equals, whose experience they badly need, not drones who need to dress to impress. 

“My hope is that this helps clients will feel the relationship they have with us is less transactional and more about trust and experience.”

Knotty problem for agent as he cuts the ties that bind his staff


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