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Free-to-list portal set to become “one of the largest in the world”

Global free-to-list property portal Residential People has announced it’s almost at its next milestone of 800,000 listings within its first six months - and is set to bust its target for listings in its first year.

It is expanding its residential platform to Australia and Ireland in the next few weeks, along with its sister Commercial People portal.

Both already operate across the UK, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and India.


Residential People previously aimed to target one million listings by Q4 2019 but now believes it should hit 1.6m by year-end. 

It’s receiving 6,000 new property enquiries per month in the UK and

Christopher May, co-founder and director, says: "We are targeting 10 million listings worldwide by year end 2021, which will make us one of the largest portals in the world.”

The portal currently features 1,000 agents in the UK, with a total of 8,000 estate agents worldwide.

The resi and commercial portals claim their success is down to their free-to-list business model and their prominent SEO strategy which has taken the sites to rank alongside far more established rival portals.



May adds: “We have international coverage in the UK and abroad, and at present we have over 1,000 independent agents registered and listing with us in the UK; both our commercial and residential platforms are featuring prominently on Google with the number of listings and agents growing daily.

“For an agent, Commercial and Residential People can also offer premium services that will enhance your brand, social media presence and lead generation, such as videos, micro-sites, brochures and featured property advertising that can significantly increase the leads you receive, and guarantee the valuations in your chosen search location area.”

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    How much monthly traffic do they have? Quickly checked and it says 0?!


    and the same tool you're using probably has Rightmove as 2? I've received enquiries from rp so they must have a fair bit of traffic


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