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Agents say ‘staged’ homes sell three times faster - report

A property industry trade body claims 85 per cent of agents believes a ‘staged’ property sells three times faster than a non-staged home.

The Home Staging Association says research for a new report shows that staging costs of £500 to £5,000 will produce higher sale prices.

“Seventy per cent of agents stated home staging increased the offer value by one to 10 per cent, with 16 per cent reporting a seven to 10 per cent rise in offer value” it says. 

“In addition 77 per cent of developers saw a return in their investment, reporting that the sale of the property paid for the cost of staging, highlighting how professional staging often is the best choice financially for homeowners” it continues.

The association’s research suggests that 74 per cent of agents consider the reception room as the most important to be staged for a sale, with another 10 per cent choosing the kitchen, and a further 10 per cent stating the master bedroom. 

Poll: Do staged homes really sell faster?


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    Spot on ! Statics have shown up to 87% of homes staged well faster. The impression should be one of feeling you are already living in the home. Home sellers do a Disservice to themselves to not hire home stagers, in Interior Design or Interior Styling. Hence why a property worth value and potential ends up staying on the market longer than it needs to.


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