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Yet another house raffle competition bites the dust

Another house price raffle has closed amid rancour, and with cash prizes being awarded instead of the property originally promoted.

The latest closure is of the so-called Millionaire Mansion in Devon.

Back in November of last year it was announced that the result of the £10-a-ticket lottery, the prize for which was a house described as being worth £2.3m, would be delayed by a year. It launched in late 2017. 


In addition to the house, prizes included a Rolls Royce, £50,000 cash and staff for a year.

Having blamed “technical difficulties” for the delay announced in late 2018, the family behind the project have now posted on the competition website a notice saying the entire competition is cancelled.

The notice says running the competition has “at all times been very difficult and obstacles relentless” and that they have “given our upmost [sic] to make this work and have always done what we thought right.”

The notice also says: “Recently some people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and to date this has cost us a significant amount in legal fees.”

Some 20 per cent of the monies raised will be paid to 11 charities set out by the family; some cash prizes have also been awarded to entrants.

Last week the ASA ruled on two complaints lodged about another house raffle competition; in addition, the authority found an additional problem with an extension to the raffle. 

You can see the Millionaire Mansion notice here.

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    We hear loads of stories about failed house raffles.... will people never learn. Has anybody heard of any that have actually been successful, where enough tickets were sold and the house actually changing hands to the winner?


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