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Child's Play! - Kids take over running an agency office

Franchise giant Hunters is to be the subject of a Channel 4 TV show on air this evening at 8pm. 

When I Grow up sees groups of primary school children from all over the country test themselves in the world of employment. 

Hunters will conclude the three-part series, following episodes with Hello! magazine and artisan chocolate business Montezuma’s.


Chief executive Glynis Frew, national sales director Martin Robinson, and York sales manager Vanessa Wilson meet a group of six children from different parts of the country at the Hunters headquarters in York. 

The children are tasked with finessing the art of telephone negotiations, property valuations, open-house hosting and even take the reins at the Hunters Harrogate branch for the day.

“When we were contacted last year to be part of the programme, we jumped on it. There was, however, an element of nervousness as the purpose was to let the children ‘run the business’ for a week” says Frew.

“Our business is all about people, so we were delighted to be part of an experience that really explores this. We felt this would be a great opportunity for us to give the children and their families an experience they wouldn’t forget. The concept behind the series is really good and its message around diversity is important for us as it speaks to our core values” she continues.

“The children were amazingly versatile, and we were impressed with their attitude and ability to carry out their jobs, each of them bringing something to the table. Safe to say we’ve got several CVs stored away for a few years down the line!”


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