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At least three Countrywide brands thought to be closing branches

It appears that at least three Countrywide brands are undergoing branch closures as the company’s cuts continue to bite.

Estate Agent Today yesterday evening put to Countrywide that it had heard of closures of offices amongst the Stratton Creber, King & Chasemore and Taylors brands serving the south and west of England. 

Countrywide did not deny the speculation and instead a spokeswoman issued this statement: 


“Our brands, branch network and the colleagues who work within them remain at the heart of our customer offering and we can confirm that we are not closing all of our King & Chasemore branches. 

“As a responsible business we must constantly assess our branch footprint, the customers they serve and their profitability. Based on that insight, there will be times when we make the difficult decision to close a branch. 

“Wherever possible, we will seek to redeploy the teams and deliver for our customers from an alternative Countrywide branch.” 

Countrywide’s stock market troubles continued yesterday with the company closing down more than eight per cent at just 4.51p.

A year ago it was trading at around 100p, and that was some months into the senior management team’s Back To Basics programme putting renewed emphasis on branch sales and lettings teams.

However, in recent months there have been branch closures and redundancies; in addition, some branches have been put into a sale-and-leaseback programme.

The company, which recently reported a pre-tax loss for 2018 of £251m, has chosen not to go down the route taken by LSL Property Services, Foxtons and other companies in announcing some details of its branch closure programme to the public. 

As a result, rumours continue to circulate about possible additional branch closures.

  • Ben Hollis

    Countrywide have closed 3 of their remaining 5 ‘Watson Bull & Porter’ branded branches. Happened last week. 5 years ago there were 9, now only 2, and they look uncertain. Such a shame for the staff - they were failed from the top down.

  • icon

    Taylor’s Bristol are all closing


    Hi John you think there going to close all the Taylors Branches in Bristol ? only 1 or 2 gone so far,

  • icon

    Geering & Colyer in Ashford, Kent has closed down and now moved into the Mann Office.

  • icon

    Bairstow Eves branches in Skegness and Horncastle closed last week with Louth closing a few weeks ago. That's in sunny Lincolnshire :)

  • icon

    Chris Hill I heard from someone in one of all branch’s the Taylor’s Brand Bristol going as all loosing money and near zero stock. May be a rumour but if you look at their prize Bradley Stoke Branch has about 5 available properties and that must be costing upwards £40k per month to run


    Hi John - where are you getting your info from ? I work at the Taylors Bradley Stoke branch and whilst we are doing just fine (and it doesn’t cost £40k a month to run) it is a concern for staff when rumours are discussed on social media

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    • 10 June 2019 06:05 AM

    So SDLT surcharges affecting sales.
    What a surprise.
    Are tenants buying off their LL direct as LL sell up because of S24!?
    Where have all the FTB gone that supposedly were waiting for stock to hit the market previously owned by the greedy LL!?
    There is of course no other type of LL apparently though I have yet to ascertain the parameters where a LL becomes greedy!!
    Perhaps lots of sales are occurring via FB.
    It seems there are many properties for sale and that is where I will be marketing my rental properties as I sell up due to S24.
    Perhaps properties are not being listed because pricing is a little fragile currently and everyone is sitting on their hands.
    BrExit isn't helping things either!!!
    The market will remain moribund for years.
    There are simply too many EA offices chasing too little business.
    Something has to give!!
    A great shame but EA are suffering the same as the High St.
    A gradual decline is occurring.
    We really only need one EA in every High St.
    The cull needs to really get going to leave the EA business a far leaner and fitter industry.

  • icon

    A lot of useless clueless EA out there thinking they know better than the owners. Setting prices too high, blaming Brexit etc! Not being proactive.
    Need to face facts, they days of the 4 x4 Flash socks know it all estate agent are over.
    Straight talking honest speaking proactive Salesperson is what is required. But Stamp Duty rip off is not helping hence government income down, but needs an intelligent minister to work that one out.

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    Big closure programme of Austin Wyatt Branch’s South Coast occurring. Also Mann Brand Somerset. Hearing that Countrywide will only have one office/brand in each town. Bristol, Cornwall and Hampshire going to be worst hit by all of counts.

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    • 13 June 2019 18:43 PM

    My office Gascoigne - Pees now closed in Midhurst without notice, instant closure, also Haslemere, Alton & Epsom offices, four out of the sixteen in the area.
    King and Chasemore North Bersted Bognor Regis & Preston Park Brighton just gone.
    No offer from Countrywide to re employ any of our staff.


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