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Sex Strictly Sells: open plan and marble worktops never looked so good

You know the problem with new builds - they’re a bit Marmite aren’t they? Contemporary design is all well and good but…how do you make it look a little more appealing?

Australian estate agency LJ Hooker seems to have found a way if the count on its YouTube video for a house in Sydney is anything to go by.

With a hint of sex (note the private moment on the kitchen counter) and some Strictly-style dancing (a little foxtrot by the freezer) the video for a new build home in the suburb of Padstow has predictably gone viral.

The owners of the property bought it for around Aus$875,000 in 2016 when it was in poor shape; three years and one comprehensive renovation later, it’s over Aus$1.7m.

Estate agent Sam Nadar says the vendor loves the video - although it’s now been taken down from the agent’s website because of complaints.

We’re wondering if this is the way to shift a property that’s been stuck on the market for a little while.

Here’s the video…Cringeworthy or Classic?

Poll: Would you ever market a home on sale this way?



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